16 Mistakes You’re Making When You Remove Your Makeup

If you’re removing your makeup, you get an honorary gold star. Removing your makeup at night is one of the most important things you can do in your beauty routine. Not only is it good for your pillow, it’s also good for your skin. However, as with most things in life, there is a right way to remove your makeup and a wrong way.

Do you wake up in the morning and have raccoon eyes despite the fact that you thought you removed all of your makeup? That is a clear indication that you’re probably not removing your makeup properly. Although, there are also a lot of other less obvious signs.

If you want to get everything off when you take off your makeup, having a good product is key, but don’t underestimate the importance of your technique. To help you master it, check out 16 mistakes you’re making when you remove your makeup.

1. Assuming your cleanser will take care of everything.



Sorry, but even the best cleanser in the world cannot remove all of your makeup. Furthermore, you don’t want to be using a lot of facial cleansers on your gentle eye area because they’re usually not formulated for that.


2. Rubbing your eyes.



Your eye area is sensitive so be gentle. Besides, all of that rubbing won’t actually remove your makeup any better. The key is to let the pad soak in then gently blot the makeup away.


3. And pulling your eyes.



What did I just say? I know it might be tempting to use pulling motions to remove that mascara, but it’s not your best option. In fact, all of that pulling can eventually lead to fine lines and wrinkles.


4. Using your own random DIY makeup remover.



Pinterest is a magical place filled with lots of brilliant DIYs. That being said, you need to be very careful about what you’re putting on your face, especially your eye area. You don’t want to be putting any old DIY concoction on and end up with a bad reaction.


5. Failing to follow the instructions on the back of your makeup remover.



It might sound really obvious, but have you ever read the instructions on the back of your makeup remover? Or have you never bothered because you assumed you know how to remove makeup? That is probably the case but different makeup removers can have slightly varying instructions so make sure you look at the back of that bottle.


6. Forgetting to get a formula that removes waterproof products.



You know how tough your waterproof makeup is so you need something even tougher to take it off. You can rub all you want with your regular makeup remover, but that won’t get you anywhere.


7. Not considering the rest of your products with your makeup remover.



It’s called a skin care regimen for a reason, guys. It’s key that you consider how your other products in your routine will work with your makeup remover. You don’t want to get something that could not react well with it. If you’re unsure about what works and what doesn’t, ask a cosmetician or the sale associate at the store you’re buying your skin care products.


8. Using the same dirty pad all over your face.



A good rule of thumb to go by is that if you can no longer see the pad’s natural color, grab a new one. Otherwise, you’re basically spreading all that old makeup around the rest of your face when you’re trying to remove it all.


9. Quickly rubbing your face with a wipe.



First, you need to do more in your makeup cleansing routine than use a makeup wipe. Secondly, properly removing your makeup takes time. It’s something that you cannot rush.


10. Failing to moisturize your skin afterwards.



Even if you’re using a hydrating or oil-based makeup remover, you still need to be moisturizing your skin afterwards. Any sort of cleansing should always be followed with moisturizing.


11. Completely ignoring your face.



It’s easy to get so focused on your eyes and lips that you completely forget about your face. However, you need to remember to remove makeup from it, especially if you’re wearing foundation, concealer, and/or powder.


12. Not taking the remover right into your hairline. 



You probably apply your foundation right to your hairline. Therefore, you should be taking your makeup remover to there, too. It’s better to get your hair a bit wet or saturated with product than to end up with breakouts around your hairline because you didn’t remove your makeup properly.


13. Forgetting to shake the bottle.



Some biphase or micellar waters naturally separate when they’re not in use and require shaking before you apply them. Read your makeup remover to decide whether you need to shake yours or not.


14. You’re not considering your delicate eye area.



If you’re using a special makeup remover for your face note that you probably have to get another one for your eyes. The reason? They’re a lot more sensitive and need a gentler product.


15. Forgetting about your neck.



Oh, how we love to forget about our necks. Make sure that you don’t. Even if you don’t apply foundation to your jawline or neck, it can still migrate down to it so a quick cleanse is the best way to go.


16. Not ensuring that every last speck has been removed.



Keep on cleansing until you can wipe your face with a cotton pad and it stays clean. Your pillow will be thankful for it and it will also cut down on your chance of getting pimples.


What mistakes do you make removing your makeup? Let us know in the comments!

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