Quiz: Which Social Media Platform Will Make You Famous?

Is there anything in this world that is more important than being famous on social media? As someone who does not happen to be even a little bit famous on social media, I cannot say for sure. But I am inclined to say no! The life of an influencer is a coveted one, and with good reason–if you do it right, it means getting paid a lot of money to do nothing in particular except for posting the right things at the right times.


The cool thing about social media fame is that, technically, it is never too late to attain it. Yes, it is true that your chances of genuine social media stardom are probably best when you are a fetus and your parents decide to make a viral Instagram account of your sonograms, with various topical and hilarious images photoshopped into it (presidential inaugurations, the the Yalta Conference, etc), but being famous online doesn’t have the same sell-by date as other, more conventional routes to fame like singing and acting. Doug the Pug didn’t get two million followers on Instagram until he was twenty-eight (in dog years, but still). Baddie Winkle didn’t become famous until she was over eighty. No one knows who Dril is, so they could be literally any age! Anyway, the point here is that you still can become famous. The only question is–how? Just take this quiz to find out which social media platform might provide the best route to fame for you:



Which result did you get? Were you surprised? Let us know in the comments!

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