15 Ways To Wear Glitter Without Looking Too Ridiculous

Glitter has had its moments, and like everything else in the realm of fashion and beauty, it’s reign has been cyclical. It was big in the early ’80s, only to dissipate until the late ’90s and early ’00s before disappearing again. Now, as the mid ’10s turn late, we’re seeing another shift, a glitter revival if you will. As cool as it is, I think it’s safe to say that most of us have one word that can sum up how we feel about wearing glitter ourselves: scared.

Here’s the thing: glitter can become incredibly over the top incredibly quickly. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but a lot of people don’t approach style from the most subversive, IDGAF points of view. That’s why as cool as this might look, it might not be seen as all that accessible:

So what are you supposed to do if you want to rock a glitter-friendly look but you’re afraid of going over the top? We gotchu. Here are 15 ways to wear glitter without looking too ridiculous. You’re sure to find something you can work with here.


1. Cop some sheer body glitter.

That way, you’ll have a hint of glitter without feeling like it’s too overwhelming. A bit of shimmer is always a safe way to go. Some NYX Face and Body Glitter and a little bit of body oil might be the move. Or, consider buying Unicorn Snot (yes, that’s the real name) if you prefer your glitter in a gel-like consistency.


2. Go for strategically placed hair glitter.

Sure, you can go for some chunky glitter at your roots, but maybe you want to start off a little more subtle. This is still a funky look that’ll turn heads, just without as much side eye.


3. Rock some glittery eyeliner.

Take a break from your basic cat eye and try out some glittery eyeliner instead. And don’t just stick with black! Try a deep blue, green, or purple!


4. Pair a glittery accent piece with basics.

For example, rock a glittery skirt with non-glittery top, outerwear, tights, and shoes. The glitter works as an accent instead of overwhelming your whole look.


5. Wear a glittery highlighter.


Anastasia Beverly Hills

Find a highlighter you like that has a good amount of shimmer. Go easy, though, you don’t want to look like a damn disco ball, right? I’m not a huge makeup buff, but I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit for this. I have it and it looks killer. I’m always getting compliments on it. You can buy it at Nordstrom for $45.


6. Place some glittery sequins by your eyes for a quirky look.

If your personal style is a little outside of the box, definitely go for this. Use glue that’s safe for your skin, however, like glue for false eyelashes.


7. Only focus on glittery makeup in one location.

For example, go for either a glittery lip, glittery eye makeup, or glittery cheeks. Doing two or more of those looks at once will look way too over the top, and unless you’re going for an over the top look, avoid.


8. Go for a glittery top and bottom (or a dress).

Just make sure they compliment each other well. Yes, this is a more extreme glitter look, but maybe you’re at a point where you want to try something daring but stylin’.


9. Find a glittery blush.



People obsesses over glittery eye shadow or highlighter, but not blush. Sure, that might be because blush isn’t as popular as it was way back when, but hey, give it a go. It’s a great way to add a lil’ color to your look. If you want to splurge a bit, try NARS’s infamous orgasm blush; you can buy it at Sephora for $30.


10. Go for a more subtle glitter look and rock glittery nail polish.

Sure, you can find a shimmery nail polish that’ll do the trick. But if you an find glitter nail polish that has actual chunks of glitter in it, then you’re golden.


11. Keep it simple with glittery socks.

It’s really easy for glitter to overwhelm a look, so keep things low key with glittery socks for a simple glittery accent.


12. Find a sheer glitter hair spray that’ll add some glam to your roots.

Again, you don’t have to straight up dump glitter on your head to rock a glittery hairstyle. Find a glitter hairspray that’ll give off a glittery essence without the mess. Try this one for $7.31.


13. Put a little bit of glitter on your lips.

Key word here is a little bit. You don’t want to look too festive, you just want a pop of glimmer. Find loose glitter suitable for makeup and pat some onto your lipstick or lip gloss. You can apply a loose glitter powder like this one by Sephora and get an instantly glittery pout, just don’t be too heavy handed!


14. Go for a full dramatic glitter eye look.

This might be too intense for some of you, but for a night out? This look is fire. Just go for it, but keep the rest of your look glitter free…or not, if you’re a rebel.


15. Just wear glitter shoes.

It’s low key but also…not low key. For those of you who want to wear glitter in a way that doesn’t get too much attention but will catch the eye of a fellow shoe lover, this is for you.


Are you up for incorporating glitter into you look or nah? What other styles would you like to see highlighted in this feature? Tell us in the comments!

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