7 Random But Effective Masturbation Tricks That You Need To Try

Even though I spend so much time on the internet, I am constantly talking about how much I hate it. Not truly hate, but we have an on again/ off again relationship. On the one hand, I love to interact with people I wouldn’t normally interact with. On the other hand, I tend to learn way too much about strangers on the internet, like things I really shouldn’t know about. BUT, sometimes these things can end up being useful tips, and sometimes, I decide to bring these tips to you. In this case, these tips are weird masturbation tricks that (supposedly) work.

You might think that you have your masturbation technique down pat, but actually, there are some things you can do that might sound strange, but are actually helpful when it comes to going solo. You never know unless you try, right? I should note that some of them are very weird, so you should proceed with caution, and make sure you don’t hurt yourself. The number one rule of masturbating is that there is no set of rules, so the next unofficial “rule” is to do what feels good. So, if you find that these things feel good, try them out!

Stare At A Blue Wall

I have never heard this before, but I guess it's worth mentioning? Bluelefty17 said, "A little more subtle, but staring at a blue surface at the point of orgasm can make it more intense. Having a blue room is wonderful." I guess it makes sense: blue is supposedly soothing to the mind, so you might want to give it a shot.

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Raise Your Leg

Okay, you need good balance for this one, but user Toninn says it's backed by science. They wrote, "Standing, and here's the kicker, when you feel close to climaxing lift one of your legs as high as you can, makes the orgasm insane. There is science behind this, I read some where that orgasm is mostly just muscle spasms in the thighs, so I thought to myself while showering one time 'Wait a minute, what if I change the algorithm of the spasms by lifting up my leg?' almost slipped and broke my neck, but even then it would've been worth it." Be careful, please!!

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Cross Your Legs

If you want to get in a quick ~masturbation session~ but don't have time to lay down in bed, this user suggests rocking in your chair. Cartedumonde said, "Cross your legs and rock/squeeze yourself to orgasm." Make sure you don't hurt yourself, but try it out if it feels good!

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Do It When You're Tired

Okay, I want to say that I don't recommend taking sleeping aids on the regular. But, if you happen to use melatonin pills to help you sleep, they will, supposedly, give you a better orgasm. As _Messiah_ said, "Lady here. I take 2 melatonin pills about 15 min before I fap. My orgasms are slow to build but extremely intense. A very pleasant surprise when I took melatonin for the first time." Melatonin is naturally released in the body, so it's basically like making yourself super tired.  So, you don't even need to take melatonin, just wait until you are super tired before you masturbate!

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Listen To Music

If you want to set the mood, put on a song that makes you feel sexy AF. As careerofcomposure said, "Something sexually charged like Rihanna. Songs that make me feel confident and flirty. Also helps drown out the sound (gotta love dorm room masturbation sessions...) And recently I have discovered it helps if I make moaning noises when it feels good. I don't fake it, I just do it as if I were with my SO and I wanted to let him know what felt good. Hearing myself turns me on more." Make your OWN noise if you want to go all out!

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Use An Electric Toothbrush

This one isn't too weird, but it's still a good idea! Sexinthepark  said, "I like using my electric toothbrush (without the bristle head) better than any vibrator i've ever tried." It's cheaper and a lot more discrete than an actual vibrator, so nobody will think it's weird when you spend a few minutes in the bathroom with a toothbrush.

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Try Edging

We bring up edging a lot here at Gurl, but it's a pretty common technique that so many girls are afraid to try. This user swears by it. Captainbipto said, "Seriously, orgasm denial.  Get yourself as close as possible the then stop. Do this over and over for a few days. When you finally [finish] it will blow your mind." They sound pretty convinced!

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Are you going to use any of these masturbation tricks? Tell us in the comments!

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7 Foolproof Masturbation Tips For Your First Time

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