13 Whisper Confessions On Why People Don’t Have Sex With Their Partners

When it comes to relationships, most people tend to place their focus on one thing: sex. Whether they’re having it, not having it, how soon they’re going to start having it, and why. This is fair, I guess–sex is something that a lot of people would agree is a significant cornerstone of a relationship, so if someone isn’t having sex, the assumption is that there must be something fundamentally wrong in the relationship.

But there are a number of reasons as to why people might choose to abstain from sex. This abstention could be due to body image issues, religion, or just plain not being ready for sex yet, and none of them actually have to have any bearing on the strength of one’s relationship with themselves or others.

Still, since there’s such a heavy significance placed on sex, some people might not feel totally secure talking about not having sex–and this, I assume, is why they turn to Whisper, an anonymous secret-sharing appSo, check out these Whisper confessions from people who definitely aren’t having sex right now, and don’t plan on having sex any time soon, either:

1. They’re done letting people use them:



2.  Which is a common (and valid) theme, I guess!



3. It’s their (spiteful) Lent commitment:gave-up-sex-for-lent


4. They have body image issues:



5. Sex makes them anxious:



6. Their boyfriend is a little (perhaps unintentionally) rude:



7. They don’t have the same sex drive:low-sex-drive


8. Sex gives them panic attacks:



9. They’re just scared (lol):scared-of-sex-whisper


10. They get really anxious, and their boyfriend…does not help:sex-anxiety


11. They are the one human on earth who prefers to sext:sexting-only


12. An unfortunate shaving mishap made it impossible:shaving


13. Their girlfriend didn’t help them study, so, (rightfully) they abstained:studying-instead-of-sex


What do you think of these reasons? Do you agree with any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Rebbecca

    Having anxiety sucks when you’re trying to be intimate with your partner. If you do have anxiety associated with intimacy it may be beneficial to speak with a professional, or your partner to work your way through the problem.