8 TV Couples Who Didn’t Date But REALLY Should Have

After six torturous seasons of “will they/won’t they,” my Teen Wolf OTP (do people still use that phrase?) Stiles and Lydia finally got together (sort of) this past January. It was definitely worth the hype and the six years of waiting for them to get together, but it also made me think about and mourn all of the TV relationships that never actually happened (sad face).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I do tend to get a little too attached to fictional characters, but I’m not afraid to admit it. I love investing waaaay too much time in fictional relationships, and sometimes the worst part about said relationships isn’t when they break up, it’s when they don’t get together at all. This happens a lot, and I can’t help but feel cheated when two characters who are so obviously meant to date just don’t. I’m not saying they should all get married, but we should have at least seen where the story would have gone if these characters dated. If you agree, take a look at these TV couples who didn’t date, but really, really should have. Then tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Emma And JT From Degrassi

Emma and JT had a very pure friendship, but I think they would have had a really good relationship. I mean, he dated practically all of Emma's friends before he (spoiler alert) died in season 6. They knew each other during their awkward puberty stage, and still remained friends, which just proves how strong their relationships could have been.

Lucas And Haley From One Tree Hill

Listen, I know they were platonic friends forever, but they really understood each other and were there for each other. They also happened to be the ONLY two people on that One Tree Hill who didn't date, so I do get the writers for not wanting to put them together. But, they would have worked well together, IMO.

Marty And Rory From Gilmore Girls

Unpopular opinion, but the Gilmore Girls Marty and Rory storyline was amazing, and I wish they had explored it a little more. They were very good close friends, brought together by that one time when Rory saw Marty naked. Marty obviously had a crush on Rory, but she had to shoot him down after telling him she loved Logan. Logan was fine, but Marty would have been a great BF for Rory, since he was different than any other guy she had dated.

Tristan And Rory From Gilmore Girls

I know that Rory had a pretty wild love life throughout Gilmore Girls, but I can't help but wonder what she would have been like if she had actually dated Tristian in season one when he was crushing on her. Obviously, he left the show the star in One Tree Hill, but their "frenemy" relationship had a lot of potential. She could have been really good for him.

Bonnie And Damon From The Vampire Diaries

Again, these two are BFFs, but they have sacrificed so much for each other, they really do deserve to be together. They have this ~connection~ that Damon doesn't have with other people, not to mention the fact that they have saved each other's lives MANY times. Maybe they will get together in the series finale??

Melissa McCall And Sheriff Stilinski From Teen Wolf

I know it's weird to "ship" the parents of two characters...but this one just works. Melissa is Scott's mom and the Sheriff, also know as Noah, is Stiles' dad AKA if they got together, Stiles and Scott would be actual brothers. Besides that important point, Melissa and Noah also have a very close friendship. They bond over the fact that their kids are into all of this weird supernatural stuff. JUST DATE ALREADY.

Lindsay And Daniel From Freaks And Geeks

Perhaps Lindsay and Daniel would have dated if Freaks and Geeks had gone on for more than one season, but there will be no way to ever know. Lindsay had an obvious crush on Daniel for the first and only season, even though she did date Nick (ugh). Maybe they wouldn't have lasted very long, but Lindsay probably would have been really good for Daniel, and I'm upset we never got to see it play out.

Lizzie And Gordo From Lizzie McGuire

Okay, I think every person on Earth can agree with this me on this one. Lizzie and Gordo were the ultimate OTP and, sure, they did kiss in The Lizzie McGuire Movie but we never got anything after that. Did they end up together? Did they get married? These are important questions! Gordo loved Lizzie, so we can assume that they dated after the show ended...right?!

What TV characters did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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  • MissIcia

    Lucas and Haley are essentially brother and sister. How would them dating be a good idea?!