18 Tips On How To Organize Your Makeup Using Vanity Trays

There are about a million different ways to organize your makeup and other beauty products – acrylic drawers, glass canisters, old mason jars, cute candle jars, etc. One of my personal favorite ways is to use a good vanity tray. A really pretty vanity tray, one made of gold and glass or marble, makes everything look more chic and elegant. Placing your items on top of your vanity or dresser looks cluttered and messy. Placing them on a tray on top of your dresser looks 100 times better. They’re also really easy to find – Home Goods and Marshalls always have a bunch to choose from – and they shouldn’t be very expensive. But here’s the thing – organizing your makeup on a tray isn’t as easy as it seems.

Making a vanity tray look good is more than just plopping down some of your makeup. If you want it to look really nice, you’ve got to work with a few other accessories or pieces of decor. Another trick? Minimalism. You don’t want to pack your tray with every single beauty product you own, or it will look messy. Instead, stick to your favorites that you use every day, or the really pretty items you want to show off. Need more inspiration? Here are a few ways to organize your makeup on a vanity tray: 

1. Place your favorite products on the tray, then add a vase of flowers for some color and life. A tray with just a few products can end up looking empty and sad.




2. If you want to be super organized, stick with a theme – use only the same brand, or products that have similar packaging. 




3. Make the most of the space by adding a little jewelry stand to your tray. It doesn’t take up much more room, holds more stuff, and gives your tray a little dimension. 




4. Keep your tray by your nightstand with only a few of your favorite products in a smaller box. This looks decorative and pretty, and it’s useful at the same time.




5. Want to do something different? Place a few of your favorite products on a vintage photo frame.




6. Add more room to your tray with a cup or jar to store your makeup brushes. Trays look best with something tall, and this looks good as well as being helpful.




7. Add more room with a cup for brushes or eyeliner, as well as a smaller dish for tiny items.




8. Instead of using your tray for makeup, use it for your daily skincare products and keep it in the bathroom.




9. Only use the tray for one specific item – if you have a lot of perfume, this is a perfect way to display it. 




10. Not enough room on one tray? Get matching ones and place them side by side.




11. Add more room to your tray with a clear stacking piece. This makes room for more products without making it look too cluttered. 




12. You can also stack your track on top of acrylic drawers to save room on your dresser. 




13. Make your tray have many purposes – add jars for beauty supplies, your favorite products, and a small bowl for tiny items. 




14. Use the top of acrylic drawers as a makeshift tray.




15. Add a small mirror so that your tray is super easy to use.




16. Not into the minimalist look? Just pack your tray with makeup. One way to make it look less cluttered is to go with a color theme. 




17. Use a wooden drawer with separators as a tray. It isn’t quite as aesthetically pleasing, but it is very useful! 




18. And hey, at the end of the day, a tray is supposed to be helpful – so just fill it with your favorite stuff!



Do you have a vanity tray? How do you store your makeup? Tell us in the comments!

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