28 Funny Tumblr Posts About Beauty Struggles Only Girls Can Relate To

I don’t think I need to remind you that being a girl can be really difficult. We have to deal with things like the struggle for equality, the fight to have affordable birth control and female healthcare, the fact that slut-shaming and victim-blaming are still so prevalent, and the constant reminder that looks are still incredibly popular for women. That last one is what we’re going to focus on right now. When it comes to the beauty world, girls have a whole lot of crap to deal with. It can be big stuff – never feeling like we’re good enough thanks to the mainstream push of conventional beauty – and it can be smaller stuff – makeup struggles or stupid comments. Important or not so important, it doesn’t matter – it’s all annoying.

Sometimes, though, it can be helpful to look at this stuff from a more humorous point of view. Not only can it help some people understand a little bit better, but it’s also good to laugh at these things now and then so we don’t fall into a pit of depression – kidding, kind of. Anyway, Tumblr is good for that, as it is always good for a nice long laugh. Here are some of the funniest Tumblr posts about beauty struggles only girls will be able to relate to. Let’s get through this together!

1. When you realize that, no matter what hair type you have, you will probably always try to turn it into something else:



2. Waiting for this kind of glo up to happen to you:



3. When you’re feeling confident so you wear something ~sexy~ and then some dumb cat-caller has to ruin it:



4. When this makes you *feel* things:



5. On a lighter note, nearly everyone’s daily struggle with highlighter:



6. This insanely relatable gym story:



7. You have two personalities:



8. Whenever you try a new, unique beauty trend:



9. When you get told you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself:



10. Not really a struggle, but worth noting that highlighter is the makeup version of an angel:



11. When your skin refuses to cooperate:



12. When you think something is going to look great and it doesn’t:



13. Everything about this:



14. When you *accidentally* ruin your skin:



15. When the smallest and stupidest thing makes you feel bad about yourself:



16. When you really want to change but you can’t:



17. When you think about the cost of makeup:T



18. Trying to hype up your skin like:



19. The struggle that is trying to ignore acne:



20. When you think your acne is finally leaving and then it doesn’t:



21. Trying to keep up with tutorials online like:



22. It’s just TOO MUCH sometimes:



23. When you know your beauty routine won’t change anything but you can’t stop:



24. The daily struggle of forgetting to change before doing makeup:



25. When you waste your time primping for no reason:



26. When you use half the conditioner bottle in one shower:



27. Trying to look presentable without makeup:



28. Dealing with guys who make dumb comments like this one:


Which one of these posts is your favorite? What’s your biggest beauty struggle? Let us know in the comments.

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