24 Simple DIY Projects To Make Boring Items Look More Chic

We all want the dreamy bedroom set up that we see in stores like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Pottery Barn – you know, everything perfectly in place, decor that looks like it appeared straight out of a magazine, and furniture that clearly cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the money to achieve these goals. Here’s something I learned when I moved out of my parent’s house this past year: every single piece of home decor or furniture is expensive AF. Throw pillows can easily cost $80. The cool blankets are well over $100. Even a stupid floor pouf is hard to find for less than $75! And furniture? Forget about it. Everything is so pricey that it’s easy to wonder who the hell has the money for this stuff at all. Uh, not everyone does – and that’s where upcycled DIY projects come in.

DIYing your home stuff isn’t just about making things from scratch or being a professional wood-worker or something crazy like this. Sometimes it’s just about taking a boring, inexpensive item, and making it look chic and glam. For example, Ikea is a great place to do this – most of their items are pretty basic and bare, which make for a great canvas to create something amazing. You can turn a cheap white dresser into the mirrored dressers of your Instagram blogger dreams in just a few hours – or you could buy one already made for a few thousand dollars. You can use spray paint and marble contact paper to make literally everything look incredibly luxurious, even if it’s just something you snagged from the clearance section at Target. Amazing!

So, if you’re trying to spruce up your bedroom, dorm room, school apartment, whatever… you need to check out these tutorials. They’re simple with a big payoff, and they’re totally worth your time. Check out these easy DIY projects that will make boring items instantly more chic. 

1. Make a dresser look fancier with alternating gold/brass drawers.




Gold foil and a few other materials can create a seriously luxe looking dresser in just a few steps. It’s just a little bit more of an interesting look than something plain.


2. Use marble contact paper to create a chic shelf.



You will quickly find that marble contact paper is basically DIY gold. It costs, like, $8 from Amazon, and it works like a dream. Get yourself an inexpensive or old shelf, and cover it in marble contact paper for some luxe touches around any room.


3. Turn a boring chair into something super glamorous.



A faux fur rug can be found for a decent price, and gold spray paint is super cheap. Use them to make a very boring chair look straight out of a home decor magazine.


4. Turn an old wooden dresser into something much prettier.



A little paint and some spray paint can go a long way. Why buy expensive furniture if you can turn something cheaper into something just as nice?


5. Make a gorgeous shelf out of an old metal one.



Gold spray paint and marble contact paper are a dream come true. This can hold beauty products, accessories, or just act as a piece of decor.


6. Make a standard desk chair look more fun and chic. 



There’s no need to spend a lot on a fancy desk chair when you could jut DIY your own!


7. Make even small accessories look glam with spray paint.



All of those super chic gold office supplies all over Pinterest can add up quickly. Take some old items you already have, and transform them with gold spray paint for luxe touches.


8. Turn a boring flower pot into an enviable piece of decor with metallic spray paint.



This is so simple and it makes such a big difference! You can get these clay flower pots almost anywhere, and make them look seriously cool with just a few moments of your time.


9. Transform any glass table into a “marble” table quickly.



Marble tables look so cool and trendy. Make any table into one with some inexpensive contact paper.


10. Old bottles and cans make the perfect vases with the right touch.



Instead of just spray painting old bottles and cans, take things one step further by using puffy paint to create cool designs.


11. Make a boring tray into something worthy of display.



Focus on something small with gold paint for a mirrored look. A luxe looking tray like this is great for holding accessories and makeup.


12. Even a blanket can be DIYed to look more chic! Add some tassels to your favorite.



Fun blankets can be expensive AF. Buy a cheap one or fix up your old favorite by making some tassels and attaching them to the ends. It makes a bigger difference than you think.


13. Get a trendy mirrored nightstand without spending the money.



Mirrored furniture is super glamorous, but it can be super pricey too. Turn a boring dresser into a glam one with this tutorial.


14. Make mini mason jars into the perfect storage for beauty items.



Transforming the tops of little mason jars can make them look like something you purchased for a lot of money.


15. Turn an old wooden headboard into a chic padded one.



Padded headboards are tres chic right now, but they can be expensive. Make your own to turn your bed into a glam wonderland.


16. Spruce up door knobs with spray paint.



Even something as small as this project can really transform the look of a piece of room.


17. Get a glittery light switch plate with a few simple steps.



Mod Podge and glitter make for a seriously glam light switch cover – or you can paint it any color you’d like.


18. If you love glitter, use it to spruce up a lamp shade.



You can do this inside or outside, depending on how glittery you want your bedroom to be.


19. Make a dreamy furry stool for your vanity out of a boring kitchen stool.



This looks so glamorous and chic, you won’t even be able to believe what it started as.


20. Turn a paper light into a cool furry pendant.



Imagine hanging this over your bed or vanity. It’s so cool and feminine looking.


21. Take a boring old light, and make it into an eye catching chandelier.



Get super crafty with lighting, and make your own bejeweled chandelier. It’s easier than you think!


22. Even a plastic cart is transformed with metallic spray paint.



Gold touches can make such a big difference. Now it looks more like a piece of your vanity than something that belongs in a boring office.


23. Print out a designer logo and make a cool looking vase.



With the right flowers, this DIY vase looks incredibly chic.


24. Turn a boring dish into a quirky ring holder.



If you’d prefer to focus on little pieces, this cat ring dish is a perfect place to start.

Which one of these DIY projects is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments!

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18 Adorable DIY Projects To Brighten Up Your Room

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