8 Signs You’re Not Actually Comfortable In Your Relationship

One of the signs of a good relationship is not, as one might suspect, that bae posts cute #relationshipgoals photos of you two on Instagram every day. One of the key things is that you (and bae) are comfortable in your relationship. While you might be thinking, “Of course I’m comfortable in my relationship. Duh.” You might not actually be.

First, let me clarify that there are varying degrees of being comfortable with someone. There is the kind of comfort where you can fart in front of bae and not GAF. Then there is the kind of comfort where you feel secure with the trust you have between bae. While it’s great if you have both, the second one is the more important thing to have.

To figure out whether you really feel comfortable with your relationship, take a look at these signs and be honest with yourself about just how comfortable you are with bae. If you realize something is causing you to feel uncomfortable, you can hopefully go about fixing the problem.

You Have Reoccurring Thoughts Of Something Bad Happening In Your Relationship

Do you find yourself thinking a lot about bae either breaking up with you or revealing he/she has cheated? Do you have more negative daydreams than good ones? It's time to try and figure out the root of the cause.

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You Worry What Other People Think Of You And Bae

When you go out with bae, do you find yourself looking around and pondering what random people must think of you and bae? It's understandable if you're concerned about what your friends and family think of bae, but if you're concerned with everyone's opinion, you need to figure out why.

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You Stress Constantly When You're Not With Your Partner

Is everything fine when you're with bae, but the second he/she leaves, you feel panic rising in you? Do you want to know where bae is and what bae is up to 24/7? It's good to be interested in bae's life, but if you're freaking out if you don't know exactly where he/she is at all times, something is probably up.

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You Worry About Bae's Approval

Do you find yourself stopping before you do something because you're worried about what bae would think? If you notice that you're doing it a lot and you're doing it for even little things that don't pertain to your relationship, like eating or buying something, you might be uncomfortable.

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You Change Your Actions To Please Them

If you find yourself doing something different to please bae, something could be up. It's especially important if you're altering personal things like your appearance, your habits, or your other relationships. If you find you're craving bae's approval, have a think about what's going on.

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You Keep Thinking You're Not Good Enough For Bae

It's okay to feel that you're #blessed to land bae, but if you think that bae is so much better than you and you're no good for him/her, that is an issue. You are worthy of being in a good relationship and bae is equally lucky to be with you.

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You Cannot Stop Thinking About Bae's Exes

Do you worry about bae's exes trying to get him/her back? Is it is something that you're concerned with almost every day despite the fact that bae doesn't even see his/her exes? Being overly concerned with bae's other relationships, old or new, is a sign that something could be up with your relationship.

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You Worry If They Goes Quiet For A Couple Of Hours

Has bae not responded to a text and now you're in a panic about what exactly he/she is up to? If you find yourself imagining that bae is doing the worst things, you need to have a hard look at yourself, bae, and your relationship to figure out why that is.

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What things have made you uncomfortable about your relationship? Let us know in the comments!

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