19 Random Things Every Awkward Girl Can Relate To

Feeling awkward? You’re not alone. Like, not by a long shot, since, if you’ve been paying attention, you will have noticed that over the past decade or so, awkwardness has more or less become a meme. This is true on all corners of the internet–you’ll see people talking about being awkward on Twitter and Tumblr and Reddit and anywhere in between–but is most noticeably pervasive in the way that awkwardness pertains to girls and women. It’s featured prominently in shows like New Girl and Girls, which both have female protagonists who, more often than not, appear to be wholly incapable of interacting with other people. Taylor Swift buffeted her rise to super-stardom by relying on a studied exhibition of faux-awkwardness. And, of course, there are the many, many memes on feeling, acting, and just being awkward. 

To an extent, this is super helpful. It helps anyone who might feel awkward about something at any point feel a little better about it, since it shows that there are other people in the world who, all too often, feel uncomfortable in their own skin. At the same time, it can make the act of feeling or being awkward feel performative, and your own experience inauthentic if it doesn’t match up with, say, Taylor Swift’s idea of it.

In any case, none of this really matters that much. People who identify as “awkward” are not a marginalized group. Most people feel awkward at some point in their lives and, while memes about feeling awkward won’t cure this, they can make you feel a little better about everything. So, check out these things that, if you have ever felt awkward in any way, you’ll probably relate to:

1. For you, trying to make friends always goes something like this:



2. Or this:


3. Even in your most wild of fantasies, when you are smooth AF, you are still a little awkward in its execution:



4. Relatable:


5. Also relatable:



6. Too relatable:



7. In the event that you ever get engaged, your engagement photos will probably look something like this:



8. And, in the event that you ever get divorced, this is how the court proceedings will play out:


9. Who can’t relate?



10. This illustration is your interior monologue at all times:



11. You have almost certainly done this on at least one occasion:



12. Too real:





14. The only flirting tip you can follow through with:



15. And this one, obviously:



16. You (and, of course, in this situation, you are somehow both the girl on the date and the best friend):


17. And, here, you are both Mack and Patricia:





19. Same!


Do you ever (or, you know, always) feel awkward? Which one of these posts was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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