7 Cringeworthy AF Things You Need To Stop Doing Around Your Crush

I’m going to be real with you guys: I’ve done some seriously embarrassing things around guys I’ve crushed on. I’d stick my chest out. I low key went out of my way to be where they were, just so I could catch a glimpse of their hair or, maybe–just maybe–get their attention and receive a cursory smile. I’d even change my demeanor to this too-cool-for-anything-and-so-apathetic-and-non-chalant BS because I thought that looking chill and unaffected was hot. One word: Yikes. I mean, if anything I got more awkward about this as I got older, so if you think this is something you just grow out of, dream on. But it took a lot of self-reflection (and, uh, one of my crushes totally figuring out that I was into them even though they were taken) to realize that my approach to crushes was…problematic.

Believe it or not, there are ways to get your crush’s attention without being super out of character or being creepy AF. But before you figure that out, you should probably acknowledge these seven cringeworthy things you need to stop doing around your crush first.

You Pretend To Be Having An Interesting Conversation When They Pass By

OMG, there's this hilarious scene in My So-Called Life where Angela sees her crush, Jordan, walk by, so she pretends she's having a super interesting conversation with her friends in an attempt to seem interesting herself. Her friends look at her like she's nut and roast her for it...which, I mean, fair. Look, your crush probably isn't noticing you when you do this anyway, so why even bother? Chill, girl.

My So-Called Life

You Act Like You're Super Cool And Unaffected

You know, going into chill mode. You're suddenly so nonchalant and apathetic because...that's...cool? Hey, I've totally been guilty of this, especially when I've crushed on guys that I were convinced were way too cool for me or "out of my league." Why? I have no clue, in your attempt to act all cooler than thou, you might just come across as super unapproachable. Avoid.

Empire Records

You Change Your Appearance Whenever You Find Out About Some Preference They Have

Yo, just because you heard your crush say that he can't stand when girls wear makeup, doesn't mean that you should stop doing your regular makeup routine. Just because you know he has a thing for "goth girls" doesn't mean you need to start wearing all black. Get me? This might sound so obvious, but you'd be surprised by how many people subtly try to wear clothes that they think their crush would approve of. Some dude is not worth changing your look over, period.


You Act Like You're Cooler Than Your Friends Whenever They're Around

You know who will be there after your crush subsides? Your friends. The same ones who you pretend don't exist or are less cool than you whenever your crush is around; this is especially common when crushing on people who are of a different popularity level or are just in a different type of friend group than you. Don't do that...you'll look like a jerk and it won't really get you any progress with your crush. And if it does...yikes. Why go out with someone who thinks your friends are lame?

My Mad Fat Diary

You Lay It On A Little Thick

I'm all about being bold and frank with your crush. If you want to hang out, tell them. But I think there's a point in which you're too scared to actually do the work that it takes to get to know them better, so you're just dropping hints and acting coy in the hopes that they'll get a hint. This just ends up looking really thirsty, and not in an endearing way. Either take control or see what happens; doing this in-between dance can get awkward.


You Low Key Follow Them Around

Um, I'm so guilty of this. Like, seirously. But as tempting as it is to memorize their schedule, don't suddenly pop up wherever they are for a chance to talk. You're probably a lot more subtle about it than you think. I've...learned this the hard way.

Harry Potter

You Preen Like Crazy

Stop touching your hair. Stop sticking your boobs out in the hopes that you'll be scoped out. You end up looking like a chicken than anything. I hate to be harsh, but I've definitely seen girls (and guys) do this around people they're thirsting for, and it's...a lot more obvious than you think. Plus, I don't think it's doing you any favors anyway.

Bye Bye Birdie

Okay, come on…how many of these things do you do around your crush? What other weird things do you or people you know do when their crush is nearby? Tell us in the comments!

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