Quiz: Are You A Bad Girlfriend?

When I think about bad girlfriends, I immediately think of Shelby from A Cinderella Story. Maybe it’s because that’s one of the best movies of all time, or maybe it’s because I just read this article. Regardless, you probably know of a Shelby in your life: you know, the girl who treats her bae horribly and everyone wonders why they are still together? She is rude AF and doesn’t even realize it? We all know people like that. But, have you ever thought that you might be the shelby? GASP.


I know you probably want to think of yourself as the best girlfriend in the entire world, but you might not realize that you are actually a bad GF. That doesn’t mean you and your bae need to break up right away, but it means that you might need to evaluate your relationship and see what you’re doing wrong. If you think you might be a bad GF, take this quiz to see if you are actually a bad girlfriend, and what you should do to fix it!

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