15 Myths You Probably Believe About High School

People have opinions and strong ideas on all sorts of topics. Politics aside, school, especially high school, is one of those topics that people have some pretty defined ideas about. While some of them are definitely legit, there are some concepts that people buy into that are actually more myths than facts.

You’ve probably watched enough ridiculous teen movies to know what I’m talking about. As entertaining as some of them may be, we all know that the stuff that goes on in those hallways is often the stuff of fantasy and random ideas created by movie execs to rake in the big bucks. While some of the stuff may have some weight, there is often a lot more to things than what it seems.

You might actually believe some of the myths because movies, friends, and family made you believe that they are fact. You’re definitely not alone. Take a look at 15 myths about high school that you probably believe.

1. High school is the best time of your life.



Sure, some people have a pretty awesome time in high school, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be downhill from here. If this were true, what would the people who had crappy high school experiences think? The words “high school is the best time of your life so enjoy it” should never be uttered.


2. Each table in the cafeteria has a different clique.



Oh, how movies love to play up this one. In reality, everyone grabs a seat while they can so they don’t have to stand while eating their questionable caf food or soggy packed sandwich.


3. You have to attend prom.



Do you believe that you have to attend prom otherwise you’re basically a *loser?* Old school ideas and pop culture make us think that, but IRL prom is some people’s thang while it’s not others’.


4. If you don’t participate in class, you’re not a good student.



Some educator randomly decided that to be a good student, you have to raise your hand in class. You cannot possibly sit there in silence and retain knowledge, can you? Wrong. Everyone is different and some people do well speaking up while others do well sitting there and listening.


5. You need to be involved in sports.



No high school experience is complete without joining a sports team or at the very least, cheering on your school’s team, right? Pah. TBT, there are a lot of other equally fun ways for you to spend a Friday night than sitting on a cold, uncomfortable bench pretending to understand football.


6. School dances are epic.



Do you dream about what your formal is like? Does it involve amazing decorations, a great band, and a designer dress? Or does it involve some dollar store streamers, a crappy iPod mix, and an ill-fitting dress? Unfortunately, the latter is more likely to be reality.


7. Your teacher just doesn’t get real life.



Hard as it may be to imagine your teacher outside of school, he/she is an actual person with an actual life. He/she is just trying to do his/her best at his/her job with the materials provided. When your teacher is off the clock, he/she is into other things. Really.


8. You’re only successful if you get good grades.



Yes, good grades usually set you up on a path to do well. I’m never going to say that you shouldn’t study. However, good grades aren’t the only way to be successful. We all know the stories about people who have flunked school but have gone on to be super successful.


9. Science and math are the most important subjects.



It is all relative to you. Even guidance counselors may push said subjects, but if you plan on going into a creative field, knowing the periodic table probably isn’t going to help you very much in the working world.


10. If you don’t do your homework every night, you’re not going to do well.



I’m not telling you should skip doing your homework. What I’m saying is that schools like to give marks for completion and not care about the quality. If you get an incomplete, but you take the time to actually learn the concept at a later date, you’re better off in the long run.


11. Everyone’s lockers are as tricked out as their bedrooms.



Forget the collages, message boards, and magnets. You consider yourself lucky if you have a lock that works. You might have a mirror in your locker, but that’s probably the most decoration. Your main concern is trying to cram your coat and five textbooks in there.


12. Schools are supportive of people *decorating the building* for promposals and senior pranks.



Uh, that would be a no.


13. Guidance counselors know best.



Yes, guidance counselors do try to give the best advice they can, but they do not know you the way you know yourself. They don’t even know you as well as your friends and family. How well can they really know you when they’re dealing with a hundred other kids and you visit their office once or twice a year?


14. Study hall is one big party.



You probably dream about having a free period so you can take an extra long lunch with your friends. In reality, you probably won’t have the same spare as your friends and you will spend your “free” time trying to get homework done or doing some not-so-fun job at home.


15. You have to go to college.



There are plenty of options you can do after high school. The key is choosing the best one for you as opposed to the one that your guidance counselor is so keen to promote.


What other myths did you believe about high school?

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