Why Do You Pee When You Masturbate?

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I’m a seventeen-year-old virgin and I’ve just started to masturbate. The thing is, I end up peeing whenever I masturbate. I don’t think it’s female ejaculation because it’s yellow. Yes, a nice, clear yellow. It even happened when I went to the bathroom right before masturbating. I don’t even get to the point of orgasm before I pee, I just finger my clitoris for a little and then I pee. I’ve searched the Internet and have found that many girls have had this problem, but no one seems to know why. Everybody says it’s just lady fluid. But I don’t think it is! I even tried to see where it came out of and it didn’t come from my vagina. I’m positive it’s pee. What’s happening? Am I going to do this all over a guy when I finally have sex? Please help.

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Hey, if you say it’s pee, then I believe you! It doesn’t have to be female ejaculation, but people probably assume it is because that’s usually the explanation. But if it’s not happening when you orgasm, it’s yellow, and there’s a lot of it, then it doesn’t sound like that to me. So, if it isn’t some form of ejaculation, then why exactly are you peeing when you’re masturbating?

It’s difficult to find a clear answer to this question, because it doesn’t seem like there is one. However, consider this: everything down there is close, and what happens in one area might affect another. Chances are good that when you’re stimulating your clitoris you’re also hitting upon some nerve that is making you lose control of your bladder. Leaking urine during masturbation, or any kind of sex act, is sometimes linked to having an irritable bladder or a weak bladder. When you get turned on, you might lose the ability to control your bladder, and doctors aren’t exactly sure why this happens.

What should you do? If you’re really peeing a lot during masturbation, then you should go see a doctor. It’s fairly normal to leak a little urine during sex stuff, especially during orgasm. But if it’s happening as soon as you start touching yourself and it’s more like actual peeing than just leaking, something could be going on that should be checked out. It might not necessarily be a bad thing, but a gynecologist could prescribe something that will help. Definitely talk to a professional about this one!

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