7 Weird Things That Happen To Your Brain After You Go Through A Breakup

Breakups are the worst for, like, 700 reasons. Whether it was a long time coming or out of the blue, moving on can be rough. Going from seeing or talking to someone everyday to not seeing them at all can be confusing. You might feel lost or even dumb. Would it make you feel better if I told you that it isn’t actually your fault? Like, there are actual, scientific things that happens after you go through a breakup, and you can blame them on that silly little thing inside your head called your “brain.” Science is weird, right?

On a serious note, your brain is an incredible part of your body. It controls everything, and even though you might feel like you have a ~broken heart~ when you and your bae call it quits, it actually has all to do with the brain. You see, your brain actually reacts to things a lot stronger than you think it does. You can have actual physical reactions to traumatic events like breakups, and those reactions all come from the brain. It’s scary and upsetting, but also good to know all of the weird things that can happen to your brain after a breakup. This way, if you ever experience these things, you will be less inclined to freak TF out about what is happening to you, and more inclined to try and heal. So, take a look at these weird things that your brain will do after you experience a breakup, and remember to stay strong!

Have you ever experienced these weird things after a breakup?  Tell us in the comments!

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