7 Easy Ways To Be Less Awkward

If you are the kind of person who, on a not infrequent basis, tends  to feel as though you are trapped in a prison of your own ungainly, graceless social behavior, relax. You are not the first person on the internet who considers themselves to be awkward in some way, and you certainly will not be the last, either. And, besides, there is nothing wrong with being awkward–nothing wrong with it at all!–but no one would fault you for wanting to be a little less awkward at times, too.

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) expect all of your awkwardness to immediately evaporate as soon as you start changing your behavior and/or mindset. But you definitely can utilize some methods to become a little less awkward over time, and, in the process, have an easier time coming to terms with yourself. Check them out here:

Own It

So, you're awkward. So, you tripped over your feet when you walked in, late, to geometry class, and spilled your water bottle on your crush's desk. So what? If you're confident in yourself, it won't really matter. Obviously, there's a difference between owning who you are and putting on a facade of awkwardness to try and seem funny and cute, so don't force yourself to do awkward things because you think it'll get a laugh. Just be yourself! Easier said than done, I know, but worth a try all the same.

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Remember That Most Things Are In Your Head

If you do something awkward, 99% of the time, it doesn't matter. Why? Most of the time, people are thinking about themselves. So, something that you do that seems like a horrible, awful thing that the people around you will be talking about for weeks to come, doesn't seem like as big a deal to them. So, brush it off, laugh about it, apologize if you hurt anyone, and move on.

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Try To Identify Where Your Feelings Of Awkwardness Come From

Do you feel awkward in school? Clam up when you're around people you don't know? Feel anxious going to parties even if you know people there? All of the above? Try and figure out the main source of whatever anxiety you might feel, so, when you get into these situations, you don't feel an intense feeling of nervousness without actually knowing why it's there. Identifying something makes it feel smaller and less scary, so this should immediately make you feel better.

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Take It On Using Baby Steps

Once you identify what's causing  your awkardness, it might be good to start some sort of action plan to deal with it. This doesn't mean that you have to run for school president right away--instead, build up little. Maybe ask someone to be your partner in class instead of waiting for them to ask you, or make a rule that you'll speak up at least once during class,  or ask some of your other, more extroverted friends to come with you (or take you with them) when you go out somewhere. Practice might not make perfect, but it will help.

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Make Sure You're Present In The Moment

If you're totally freaking out about being in public, and keep planning out exit strategies in your head and thinking about being back in your bed, people will be able to tell. They won't be able to tell exactly what you're thinking, obviously, but they will know that you aren't exactly giving your full attention to whatever you're doing. To do this, focus on your breath--this automatically calms you down and makes it easier to what's going on around you, automatically making you seem (and probably feel) less awkward.

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Consider Seeing A Therapist

Or, instead of trying to psychoanalyze yourself, have someone else do it for you. Your awkwardness could be stemming from anxiety (whether it's social-specific or generalized) or another mental ISSUE, so having a therapist could be hugely helpful to talk about it and feel better. Even if you're only able to go to a few sessions, you should be able to learn some techniques for dealing with it that you can practice on your own.

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Know That Lots Of People Are Going Through Something Similar

There are many keys for getting through life, and  one of them is realizing that pretty much everyone feels insecure at some point or another. Seriously. Even people who seem socially confident and appear to have everything in their life in order feel awkward sometimes. Everyone is pretending! So, if you ever feel like you're the most awkward person in the room--the world, even--and you should just go home and sit in bed and or just become a literal hermit, relax. Everyone around you? They're probably thinking some variation of the same thing.

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Do you ever feel awkward? Do you have any tips for dealing with it? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I have my awkward moments; notably when I say something so dumb, only Cosmo would say it….. Usually when that happens, I laugh it off and say, “How Cosmo of me… I’m sorry!” Then people forget about it.