16 Genius Ways To Make Your Flashcards Look Amazing

If you are anything like I was when I was in school, odds are good that you are scrambling to get your life together at this point in the year. Spring is coming, which means you will want to spend more time outside, basking in the sun and hanging with friends, instead of cramming for a history test you know you’re going to fail anyway. March is the point in the year where, if you start feeling left behind, you will stay left behind, and that’s not really a good thing to do, TBH. You want to keep up so that you can finish out this school year on a good note, instead of falling behind and suffering. And if you don’t know how to do that, it can be hard.

LUCKILY, I recently found the strangely addicting world of fancy flashcards and I need to show you how these things will change your life. I’m not talking about the basic “word on one side/definition on the other side” flashcards which are so 2005. I’m talking about the kind of flashcards that will make you ace any type of test or exam that life throws at you. If you need a little help improving your study habits, try these genius ways to make your flashcards look so good, everyone will be jealous AF of how organized and smart you are.

1. First things first: if you’re using flashcards to help you memorize certain keywords, make sure you are putting each word/phrase in the right place. This will make it easier to memorize.




2. If you’re studying multiple topics, make sure to have a color-coded header so that you can easily find each topic.





3. Organize your flashcards so that you can have them ready whenever you need them, so you don’t have to do too much prepping in order to study. You can keep your cards organized with binder clips to keep everything tidy.




4. If you don’t have flashcards, use post-its to write key phrases done on your homework. It’s sort of like a DIY flashcard, if you will.




5. Use paint sample cards as flashcards! Studies have shown that associating certain topics with certain colors will actually help you remember them better.




6. Keep your flashcards organized by adding a little sleeve with info about what each stack is about.




7. Afraid of losing your cards? Organize them by topic and throw them in a shoe organizer!




8.  Don’t have any time to study your cards? Put them in a plastic bag and tape them to your shower so you can study while bathing. Sure, it looks a little weird, but it’s GENIUS.





9. If you want to carry your flashcards on the go but don’t want to ruin them, put them in an old photo album.




10. Add drawings and doodles to your flashcards in order to help your brain remember the topics! It really works.




11. Use a hole puncher and a binder ring to keep your flashcards neat and organized by topic. Plus, they can clip right into your binder or on your backpack.




12. Add post-its to each flashcard to help annotate them or jot down questions you may have. Use different colors for different topics.




13. Add a cute title card that will actually make you WANT to study.




14. Use banners and headers on the top of each card, so you can easily see what is on each one.




15. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of color: you will be more inclined to actually study if you’re not looking at boring, black and white cards.




16. If you’re really not into the whole DIY thing, try a flashcard app that will make the flashcards for you. Plus, you’ll have them on your phone, you will never lose them. Unless you lose your phone, of course. You can get Cram from the Google and Apple app stores.




Are you going to use any of these flashcard tips? Tell us in the comments!

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