15 Of The Best Comments On The Internet That Will Make You LOL

Given that I am, in no uncertain terms, a glutton for punishment–I once embarked on a mission to find out if the laxative tea that D-list celebrities hawk on Instagram actually works, for example–it should not surprise anyone to know that one of my favorite things to do on the internet is look at the comments. On anything.

I know that this, objectively, is terrible. One of the cardinal rules of the internet is to never look at the comments on anything–even on an ostensibly nice, wholesome website; even if it is something you might like to start a nice, constructive conversation about–as the general rule seems to be that an internet comments will bring the reader nothing but pain. But, in spite of this, I can’t stop–any place on the internet that trolls named “pizza_baby_girl” and “MAGA-mom” call home is my home, too. Lena Dunham’s Instagram page? I’m there. A YouTube video of our president, Donald J. Trump, pretending that he knows how to read? You bet! Tomi Lahren’s mentions on Twitter? Nowhere I’d rather be.

Now, most of the time, this trawling through the dregs of human thought serves no purpose other than to simply ruin my entire day. But sometimes, I come across something so great or so terrible–or, usually, a mixture of the two–that makes it something no short of a masterpiece. So, check out these comments on the internet that, if they don’t make you cry, will probably make you laugh:

1. This sweet little eleven-year-old-girl who just needs a break:


2. This heartwrenching exchange:



3. This math class that just so happens to be taking place on Pornhub:


4. Which, coincidentally, is also where this delicious pancake recipe comes from:

5. And this constructive furniture discussion. Does PornHub have…the only good comment section on the internet?


6. Looks like it!

7. This vulnerable admission:



8. This beautiful message left by the greatest internet troll of all time, Ken M:

9. This potato-loving man, who, if you wondering, is now my husband:


10. Oh:



11. NO:



12. This incisive commentary on Lana Del Rey’s work:



13. What did happen here?


14. And here?



15. Haha! True:

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What do you think of these comments? Do you have any “favorites?” Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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