Quiz: What Should You Binge On Netflix This Month?

If there is anything in this world that most people could agree on as being moderately-severely-difficult, it would surely be the act of deciding what you should watch next on Netflix.


Netflix is a nice amenity to have in our world nowadays (right up there with cell phones and modern medicine!), as it fills whatever void you may or may not have yawning open in your life well enough. but it also has a way of making life fairly difficult. Like, it’s all well and good when you want to cycle through every season of Parks and Recreation again, or start-then-stop-and-pretend-you-watched-it-all Call The Midwife. But in the event that you want to stray from your tried and true shows, the seemingly multitudinous titles on your Netflix screen turn from friendly to supremely intimidating. All of those BBC mystery shows and AMC dramas and Netflix Originals could be great, of course–but, then again, they could also be utter drivel that would be a waste (an insulting waste, at that) to spend even five minutes watching.

The solution? Have somebody else tell you what to watch! And today, that person is me. Specificity is your friend here, so I decided to narrow down the options to shows that were just added to Netflix this March. So, take this quiz to find out what show you should binge on Netflix this month:

Which result did you get? Were you surprised? Let us know in the comments!

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