Here’s How You Should Masturbate, According To Your Horoscope Sign

You might be skeptical on whether or not horoscope posts actually “work,” but let me just say this: the stars don’t lie, and if your sign is telling you to do something, you need to do it. In this case, the stars are telling you how to masturbate. I don’t make the rules! What your horoscope says goes, and you need to start listening, girl. You might not think that your sign has anything to do with your sex life, but you’re actually wrong! Your sign affects everything in your life, and even your sex life, and it’s about time you paid attention to it!

I’m not saying that there is a written in stone way that you should masturbate, but each sign has their own special personality, and certain personalities can go really well with certain masturbating techniques. I know that it sounds weird, but it does make sense. If you’re looking to switch up your mastiurbation routine, just check out what your sign is saying. You’ve already learned how petty you are and what job you should have according to your sign, so why not learn what masturbating method is right for you? Check it out:

Which masturbating tip are you going to try? What’s your sign? Tell us in the comments!

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