15 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Done After A Breakup

Most people would agree, I think, that there is nothing all that weird about acting a little out of the ordinary after a breakup. This is an oxymoronic free pass, it is true, but also one that most people tend to adhere to. You know, like, sticking forks in their ex’s lawn. Going for long, late-night runs. Getting bangs. All of these are varying degrees of poor decision making–bangs, for example, almost always turn out poorly–but post-breakup indiscretion, for the most part, gets a free pass.

Some people, however, take it to the next level. In a big way. I don’t think that this is anything new, necessarily–there were no scholarly papers on this that I could find, but I am assuming that, as long as people have been on this earth, there have been at least a few Extra People as well–but, thanks to the internet, they are now easier to document than ever. And that is great for all of us! Acting out after a breakup can make you feel better, if you have the courage, but sometimes all you need to feel better is seeing people acting out in all the ways you wish you could, but don’t quite have the strength. So, check out the weirdest things people have done after a breakup right here:

1. I must confess that my main reason for writing this post was so I could bring up this “break up” photoshoot that went viral a couple weeks ago. Isn’t it amazing?


2. Some people relish the fact that they probably should have know better:


3. Some breakups are not so amicable, however–this girl, for example, decided to change all of the Instagram captions on the photos she took with her ex after finding out he cheated on her. Which is admirable, IMO:

4. This girl did, too:

5. And this guy (it’s a common move, apparently):


6. This small boy changed his entire Instagram bio (and, if you look closely, also posted a petty meme):


7. And this girl just decided to create an entire tumblr blog dedicated to photoshopping pictures of Beyonce over her ex’s face:



8. This girl got a fish:


9. And this girl went ahead and signed up her ex for a Christian newsletter, which I guess is like saying “I’m praying for you,” but, like, worse:


10. This pair of exes just exchanges passive-aggressive messages now:


11. This one, too:


11. Heh:


12. These two jsut subtweeted each other. A lot:


13. This girl emailed her professor about her predicament. I’m glad!


14. Who among us hasn’t immediately revoked their ex’s Netflix privileges and given them to their little sibling after a breakup?


15. And, finally, may we never forget the girl who made her mission in life ruining Game Of Thrones for her scummy ex:
Ah. Therapy.

Are any of these breakups actually…goals to you? Let us know in the comments!

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