8 Underrated TV Besties You Need To Know About

As much as I love watching TV shows for all of the juicy relationship drama, the most important relationships, in my opinion, are the BFF relationships. Sure, love interests are cool and all, but it’s the main BFFs that really make the show important. Specifically, female best friends. So many shows and movies love to have “frenemies” AKA those mean girls who always seem to be going up against each other (cough cough Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl.) It’s nice to see some characters on TV shows who, I don’t know, actually like and respect each other, like real, healthy friends should.

I’m not saying that all of these friendships are perfect because, let’s be real, there will never be a perfect friendship since we are all humans who make mistakes. But there are the friends who stick by you when you make mistakes, and the friends who ditch you to date your ex boyfriends (cough cough Serena and Blair, again). It’s important to see these relationships portrayed on TV so that we can actually aspire to be good people in healthy friendships. So, I’m going to show you these TV best friends who should be your actual IRL #FriendshipGoals to inspire you to be the best BFF you can be. You’ve got this.

Betty And Veronica From Riverdale

Even though Riverdale has only aired a handful of episodes, the friendship between Betty and Veronica is probably the strongest point of the show. They don't know each other too well, and have made their fair share of mess ups (I won't mention that One Time when Veronica kissed Betty's crush, but whatever), but they seem to be building a really strong friendship so far, especially after vowing to never let a guy get between them again. This show is currently airing, but you can catch up with the older episodes on CWtv.com.

Manny And Emma From Degrassi

I'm not saying these BFFs didn't have issues, but they went through SO much together, and they deserve to be on the list. They literally grew up with each other and went through everything at the same time. Manny was there for Emma when she battled an eating disorder, and, even though she was hesitant, Emma was there for Manny during her abortion. You can watch most Degrassi episodes on Youtube, or stream the new episodes on Netflix.

Willow And Buffy From Buffy The Vampire Slayer

It seems to be a common TV trope to have one friend be the fierce and brave one, while the other is timid and shy, but it works well in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Buffy is, obviously, the slayer, but she wouldn't be anything without Willow. Willow was the "geek" who Buffy met on her first day, and they instantly connected, despite their vast differences. They are like family to each other, and always help one another out when they are in need. Spoiler alert: Willow even brings Buffy back from the dead in season six. If that's not love then IDK what is. If you haven't watched these girls kick butt, you can watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Netflix.

Riley And Maya From Girl Meets World

I am honestly upset that Girl Meets World got cancelled, but we still have all of the episodes on Netflix to watch, so that's good. Riley and Maya's relationship is super pure and mature, even though they are both just 13-year-olds in the beginning of the show. For a Disney Channel show, their friendship sure did make me tear up a few (hundred) times, because of how they really treated each other like family. They were never competitive, but always supportive of each other, which is hard to find in teen shows now, TBH. Every girl needs to find a friendship like Riley and Maya to help her through the struggles of high school.

Daria and Jane From Daria

The most pessimistic duo of all time also happened to be awesome friends. They just totally understood each other, and didn't care about what other people thought. They were also brutally honest with each other, but without being mean. Honesty is so important, and they valued each other opinions enough to always be open with each other. You can watch Daria on MTV.com

Jess And Cece From New Girl

These New Girl BFFs are totally underrated, IMO. Cece is a down-to-earth model, who has been friends with Jess since they were little, so she knows how to handle all of her weird "quirks" like crying and watching Dirty Dancing 12 times in a row (relatable, IMO). These girls are seriously awesome and are always supporting each other through their boy problems and fashion emergencies. They need to be your BFF Goals. You can watch New Girl on Netflix.

Abbi And Ilana From Broad City

Abbi and Ilana are so real because they are both weird AF and don't care. They are pretty different: Abbi is a little more introverted, and Ilana is outgoing, but they balance each other out and are always there to help one another through rough times. They are also hilarious and relatable, and tackle actual issues women go through, like masturbating or trying to make enough money to get concert tickets. Just girly things, right?! You can catch these TV besties on Hulu.

Meredith And Christina From Grey's Anatomy

If you've ever had a "person" you get Christina and Meredith's relationship. They showed how important is it to not only have fun together, but be there to help each other through the hard times. And, if you've ever watched Grey's Anatomy, you know that there are a LOT of hard times: cheating husbands, death, and even more death Even when Christina temporarily moves to another state, they still stay connected, which is a true friendship, IMO. You can watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, if you don't mind crying.

Which TV BFFs did we miss? Who are your favorite BFFs? Tell us in the comments!

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