16 Reactions To Emma Watson Posing Topless That Will Make You Angry AF

If you haven’t already heard, Emma Watson–a young, up-and-coming actress you probably haven’t heard of–is on this month’s cover of Vanity Fair. I’m happy for her! She’s in a major live-action adaptation of a beloved Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast, and has been putting in a lot of work promoting it, so, of course, a just-revelatory-enough interview in a major Condé Nast publication, accompanied by a tasteful high fashion photoshoot, is the next logical step. Here’s a photo she took for the magazine:

People–you know, as in the faceless, anonymous group that makes up the Greek choir of Instagram commenters–took issue, calling her a hypocrite for being an advocate for women while also deciding to take this photo . Julia Hartley-Brewer, a British radio talk show host whom I had never heard of until just now, but appears to be the physical manifestation of those faceless, anonymous Greek choir of Instagram commenters said, uh, this:

Okay. So, first of all, from a purely logistical perspective, this argument does not hold up. As my fellow Gurl writer, Ashley Reese, said upon seeing this photo, that’s “barely any titty.” This is true! This cannot, by any definition, be a true “here are my tits” photo based on the fact that the amount of boob on display here is negligible. There’s no nipple, her arms are folded, and the effect is basically the same as wearing a deep V-neck dress.

But that’s a moot point regardless. What you choose to do with your own body, and how much of it you choose to reveal, has no bearing on the respect you have for yourself, the respect others should have for you, and whether or not you get to call yourself a feminist. Emma Watson could be fully topless in this shoot and still be a feminist. Emma Watson could be pantsless in this shoot and still be a feminist. Emma Watson, if she wanted to, could be totally naked in this shoot with a flashing neon sign pointing to her breasts that says, “Oh, and here are my tits,” and still be a feminist.

Now, this is not to say that posing topless or nude as a woman is always empowering. If the person in the shoot is treated as an object, did not give their full consent for certain ways in which their body is portrayed, or does not feel comfortable with a direction the shoot has taken, that would most likely not make anyone feel good or empowered in any way. But saying that someone isn’t a feminist for choosing to revealing any more of their body than is typically deemed culturally appropriate is a B.S. morality argument that conflates modesty and self-worth, and starts to fall apart if. It’s been thrown at Beyonce (for not covering up her body enough after becoming a mother), Ariana Grande (for wearing short skirts and talking about feminism at the same time), and Rihanna (for being a person who enjoys sex and doesn’t mind showing it, basically), to name but a few.

And, unfortunately, it will most likely keep happening in the foreseeable future, because a bunch of people genuinely cannot conceive of the idea that a woman who has breasts also happens to respect herself. So, check out these reactions to Emma Watson’s shoot that, in one fell swoop, will make you angry, and remind you why feminism is important:

1. If you were wondering, pretty much all of Julia Hartley-Brewer’s opinions are trash:


2. Who…does not know how argue?


3. Uhhhhhhh:


4. OK:


5. This lad makes me yearn for the end!


6. As does this one!


7. As does this…bad headline from Pret-a-Reporter:

8. No:


9. NO:


10. *groans into the void*


11. Literally who, in the Lord’s year 2017, still says “lolz?”


12. Fortunately, people had some good responses:


13. Actually, most people had good responses to the shoot:


14. Which is comforting:


15. Ah, yes, noted Harry Potter actors Matthew Lewis and…Harry Potter himself. (This is a good point, though.)


16. I’ll leave you with this:

What do you think of these reactions? Are people being fair or not? Let us know in the comments!

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