7 Cold Hard Truths Of Being A Hairy Girl That You Need To Know ASAP

I, Ashley Reese, am hairy AF. I’ve always been a hairy girl–I mean, I guess ever since puberty started–and by the looks of things, I’m always going to be hairy. And no, I’m not just talking about hairy legs or hairy pits. I have hair on my face, and my chin, and even my knuckles and toes. This sounds like an image that defies femininity, but that’s because we’ve been socialized to think not only that body hair and facial hair on women is shameful, but that it’s a phenomenon that only affects a few unlucky souls. Yes, even with the popularity of keeping the pits au naturale and dyeing them cool colors, the majority of girls and women who produce a lot of body hair see it as a nuisance instead of a feature of liberation.

Wherever your feelings about body hair lies–whether you’re all about embracing it, you can’t wait to remove it, or you’re somewhere in the middle–let’s face the facts: There are unique struggles that hairy girls go through. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are those of you who produce light, barely there, wisps of body hair that might clamor with, “OMG IT’S NOT EASY FOR US EITHER.” All I have to say is this: Hush. When you have thick, dark body hair, there’s a different set of challenges, period. The only way that hairy girls can accept their fate is to confront it head on, so check out these seven cold hard truths about being a super hairy girl. No matter how much you wax, shave, or laser your thick mane, you’ll always have the hairy girl mentality.

Expect To Get Shamed For Your Hairiness Whenever You Get Your Hair Removed At A Salon

I don't think I’ve ever had a hair removal session in which the person performing the hair removal didn’t shame me about something. I wish this wasn’t the norm, but it is. You go in for an eyebrow threading, the practitioner asks you if you want to take care of the hair on your upper lip and chin too. Remember that this is often a ploy to prey on your insecurities to get you to spend more money. Try not to let it bother you too much, but do expect it to happen for the foreseeable future.

Sarah Wintner

Being A Hairy Woman Of Color Is Harder Than Being A Hairy White Woman

It’s harder to be a hairy woman of color, a black woman in particular, for a really effed up reason: Perceptions of femininity. Unfortunately, white women are allotted a default femininity that many non-white women just aren’t. So their hairiness is derided more and seen as more grotesque. We have less leeway to dye our pits and have it be considered cute and subversive too. Sad, but true.

The Craft

Shallow Dudes Are Going To Think Your Body Hair Is Gross

Yes, even your arms will be seen as too hairy for some, especially shallow dudes who think that women are supposed to be as hairless as a naked molerat. But please, remember that there ARE people out there who really DGAF. I’m not just saying that. A good BF will not care that you didn’t shave your legs in a couple of weeks, or a couple of months. Think I'm joking? Check out this post about what happened when I didn't shave around my boyfriend for months.

Some Girls

You're Going To Have People You Care About Who Mock Your Hairy Situation

I remember as a kid, seeing this scene in the movie Wish Upon A Star in which one of the popular girls nastily asked her friend if she detected stubble on her leg. The friend awkwardly smiled and said that she must have missed a spot that morning. I was afraid that this would be what it would be like IRL as a hairy teen navigating life, but luckily that hasn't really been the case. Nevertheless, here’s a fun life fact that you’ll have to get used to sooner rather than later: People are assholes. In this case, that means that there are people out there who are going to pressure you to shave, wax, all that good stuff and make you feel ugly for not doing it. These are people who you, frankly, shouldn’t have in your life, especially if they’re in your friend group. Look, how often Stacy shaves has nothing to do with how often you should shave, okay? If you have a friend who is making fun of you for having some effing stubble, you need to make a decision as to whether or not that’s someone who is worth your presence and general awesomeness.

Wish Upon A Star

Hair Removal Will Be A Lifelong Battle, If You Choose To Accept It

Once you decide you're someone who needs to remove their hair to feel better about themselves, you're pretty much, well, committing to a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Hair removal is also more of an ordeal for people with dark hair and they often are more susceptible to ingrown hairs and hair that APPEARS to grow back in darker and thicker, even though it isn’t. The quicker you realize that hair removal is going to be more of a, er, task, the more chill you’ll be.


You Might Not Ever Feel Comfortable About Being Hairy, No Matter How Many Cool Girls Dye Their Pits

Again, as much as there's a movement to feel more comfortable about body hair and facial hair for women, it's so hard to actually unlearn everything society has told us about ourselves. It's easy to be performative and say that you don't care about it, it's another thing to actually feel that way. It's okay if you don't feel totally at ease with being hairy, but the last thing you should do is feel like an ugly ape for it. You ain't the only hair girl up in this planet, dude.


At Some Point, You Need To Stop Angsting About Your Body And Facial Hair

You’re going to think that you’re the only one who gets hair in odd places like your hands or your neck and this and that. Trust, you’re not. You’re really, REALLY not. People are just really good at hiding it and acting as if it isn’t a problem. You think you're the only person who gets weird chin hairs? I guarantee that whoever you think is super gorgeous--whether it's a celeb or some girl in your grade--plucks chin hairs out of her face ever now and then too. Don't special snowflake yourself to death about this.

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Are you super hairy? What’s the hardest thing about it? What have you gotten used to and maybe even embrace? Tell us in the comments!

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