7 Horrifying Reasons Why You Need To Pay Attention To Your Vagina Right Now

You probably don’t think about your vagina too much, unless you’re having sex or masturbating (good for you). But, you really should start. There’s more to a vagina than sexual pleasure and period blood. After all, there are a ton of horrifying things that can happen to your vagina, and you might already be aiding them without realizing it. I don’t want to freak you out, but vaginas are super sensitive (even though you probably already know that) and a lot of stuff can affect them, so you really should checking up on your “down there” area pretty frequently. Oftentimes, your vagina is trying to tell you something, and you might not even realize it!

This doesn’t mean that you should come home every night, and sit in front of a mirror with your legs spread checking things out. I mean, go ahead and do that if you really want to, but it’s not necessary. It just means that you should be looking at it if something feels off, and basically listening to it. If it smells, or there’s more discharge than usual, or it feels very itchy, then, uh, maybe you should do something about it. It could be something more than just a little infection! I know it’s scary to think about this stuff, but the more you know, the safer you will be when it comes to your vaginal health. Here are seven reasons why you need to pay attention to your vagina right now, and, warning: some are pretty horrifying.

Which one of these vagina facts shocked you the most? What did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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