15 Awkward Things That Happen When You Kiss Someone New

The act of kissing is synonymous with romance, but that’s only part of things. Sometimes kissing can be downright awkward. Just think back to your first kiss or that awkward makeout session you had with your crush in a cramped closet during a game of truth or dare. (Don’t act like it didn’t happen).

While we hope that awkward kissing ends when we get more *practice,* that isn’t always the case. Kissing can be awkward at the best of times and one situation where awkwardness is likely is when you’re kissing someone new.

If you’ve been with your SO for awhile, you probably know his/her body her well. You’ve probably got your own sort of kissing style going on and you know how to react to bae and what he/she likes. That all changes when you suddenly start smooching someone new. Check out the 15 awkward things that will happen when you kiss someone new.

1. You both tilt your heads in the same direction.


Nose collision! Note to self: Next time, go right.


2. Teeth bumping happens.


And here you thought that would end when you got rid of your braces…


3. You forgot to breathe.

hermione cant breathe



4. You have no idea whether to keep your eyes open or closed.


You know you should close ’em, but you want to actually see what this new experience is like.


5. …So you and bae end up starring right into each other’s eyes when you’re an inch apart.




6. Someone will end up kissing someone’s teeth.


Seeing someone go in for the kiss plus a happy smile equals a tooth kiss.


7. And someone will get stabbed by a tooth.


Wow, bae has a super sharp fang back there. I hope that didn’t draw blood.


8. You will have no idea how much hand to use.


Is it cool to get a bit grabby? Or will he/she think I’m being too forward? And is he/she even into that?


9. A head butt is inevitable.


Ouch. Let’s hope that doesn’t turn into a bruise.


10. You will almost gag at one point.


Too much tongue. Too much tongue.


11. You will be hyper-aware of every small detail about bae.


From bae’s pores to the texture of his/her tongue to the heat of his/her breath, you will notice it all.


12. You will debate whether it’s an open or closed mouth kiss.


To add tongue or to not add tongue? That is the question.


13. And you will both “take the lead” at one point.


You will have no idea who should be “guiding” the kiss and whether you should switch things up partway through.


14. You’ll get those nervous butterflies in your stomach.

Ah! Go away, I have a kiss to focus on.


15. You will have no idea how to end things.


Should I stop kissing now? If so, what should I say? Should we do a fist bump at the end? Should I compliment bae?


What other things do you notice when you kiss someone new? Let us know in the comments!

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