15 Super Pretty Ways To Do A Banana Bun, The New “Cool Girl” Hairstyle

With the promise of a new season comes new trends, so it makes sense that a new ~cool girl~ hairstyle is getting a lot of attention. If you’re wondering what a ~cool girl~ hairstyle is, allow me to fill you in: it’s basically just a trendy look that a lot of social media stars and celebrities start wearing in a very effortless, chic way. It usually sticks around for a few months before disappearing (think: half-up buns, double Dutch braids, and space buns, to name a few), but during those few months, it’s hard to escape it. The newest hairstyle to add to the list? Banana buns, which, according to sites like Byrdie Beauty, is the style Parisian girls are obsessed with right now, which means it’s tres chic. 

Light sarcasm aside, the banana bun is a really pretty look – and it’s also simple and versatile. It has that whole effortlessly messy-elegant look to it that so many of us are constantly striving for, and – bonus! – it works best on second or third day hair because of the natural hold of your texture. So, what is it, exactly? PopSugar explains it like so: “Put your hair up into a loose low ponytail, using bobby pins to pin strands up and into the into the pony.” If it sounds too easy, that’s because it’s a genuinely easy look! 

The best part is that the banana bun embraces messiness. Flyaways, loose strands, and an overall loose feel makes this style great. You can also make it your own, choosing to only pin up some pieces or all of them, and creating whatever shape you like. Doing this on hair that is freshly washed probably won’t work out, because hair that soft will just fall out of the pin. You definitely need some texture for grip – much like a braid – so either work with hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days, or use a texturizing spray to get some hold.

Want to see the banana bun in action? The below examples are so pretty that you’ll want to try your own ASAP. Check out these gorgeous ways to do a banana bun and say hello to your new favorite hairstyle:

1. If you’re feeling confused, here’s a quick video tutorial on how to do one version of a banana bun:


2. Keep it loose and messy by leaving the front strands of hair out of the bun.


3. Pin up some of your hair to make the bun shape, leaving a few strands out at the bottom, like so:

A little banana bun inspo for your inner French girl ?✨ Cut and style by me @monicadelarosa Color by @baileyage

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4. Or pin up all of your ponytail so it creates this cool, banana-like shape:


5. Let your strands stick out all around for a seriously effortless vibe:

A fun take on a messy bun! #bananabun #europeantrends #oribeobsessed #grandrapids #GRhair @cheekystrut #strutters #babehair

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6. You can still keep your hair more sleek if you aren’t into the flyaway look:

Pink?#BananaBun #Repost @shelleygregoryhair #hairbrained

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7. Pin your hair a little tighter if you don’t want it to look as loose:


8. This photo pretty much explains why the banana bun is often described as a messy French Twist – it basically is one!


9. Use a hair clip to hold it up instead of bobby pins:

a lil' French twist… … .. the #bananabun ?? #messyhair #details

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10. Twist the hair a little as you pin it to get this look:


11. You can do this style withe shorter medium length hair too – it looks like a messy bun and is very cool:


12. These photos prove this style can be just as casual as it can be glamorous:


13. It looks like this banana bun was created with a loose twist instead of a ponytail, which creates this really fun effect:


14. Bring the twist up higher instead of lower for a really messy take on a French twist:


15. It even looks cute under a baseball cap!

⚪️⚫️ #outfit

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Which one of these banana buns is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments!

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