20 Inspirational Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Get A Tattoo

One of my very favorite meme-like trends (which is, of course, a term I am using to describe something that bears the tendencies of a meme, but has not yet garnered the required popularity to be a true meme) of late has to do, as most things do, with Jacob Sartorius.

The internet responded, in kind, with this:

Shall I show you another?


Anyway. The point here is that referring to a tattoo as meaningful–or, as Mr. Sartorius described it, “powerful”–is an almost certain way to invite mocking, and, at the very least, some people showing you some tattoos that are very much neither meaningful nor powerful. (Or, at least, probably not in the ways you’d want.) And while it is true that, yes, there are a lot of very bad tattoos out there, Jacob Sartorius wasn’t all wrong. Some tattoos do bear a lot of meaning and tell a really cool story, and, even if tattoos aren’t exactly your thing, they’re pretty cool to look at. So, check out these inspirational, ~meaningful~ tattoos that, you know, are actually inspirational and meaningful–and, if the mood strikes you, might actually make you want to get a tattoo:

1. Your hands are magic–remind yourself of that with this tattoo!



2. These colors are so soothing:



3. Important reminder!



4. This is…different. I like it!



5. If you’re into Sylvia Plath, these Bell Jar tattoos are gorgeous:



6. No one could accuse this tattoo of not trying hard enough to mean something!



7. This is very beautiful, and, I imagine, has a good backstory!



8. This is good advice for everyone, probably:



9. This, too:



10. And this!



11. Ah, literary tattoos. This one, from Alice in Wonderland, might be too deep!



12. Speaking of literature, this Harry Potter tattoo is a good way to make yourself cry every single day. If that is the kind of thing you are into:



13. This one, too!



14. I….love this:



15. And this:

Maybe there's something better on the other side…

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16. If you like a poem, why not get the whole thing tattooed on your body?



17. Important:

18. If someone close to you passes away, getting a tattoo in their honor is a good way to memorialize them:


19. The translation for this is “don’t let the bastards get you down,” which is, I think, a good thing to remember every day:



20. This is nice:


What do you think of these tattoos? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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