Ask A Guy: A Guy Tells Us How To Ask Your Crush To Prom This Year

Hey Joel,

I’ve been talking to a guy on and off since my freshman year of high school. I am currently a senior now and we’ve just entered prom season. I haven’t “talked” to this guy since the summer things kind of dropped all at once. He goes to my church so we see each other every weekend, but we haven’t texted each other since the summer. In the past I was texting him first a good 60 percent of the time. I’ve been sticking to the “he should text first” rule but I’m going crazy waiting for him! He is the only guy I’ll go to prom with and I’m starting to worry that my dream may not come true. So, I guess my question is, should I ask him to prom myself? I’m afraid he’s going to think it’s weird.


From everything you’re saying, it sounds like you need to get your confidence up and go get what you really want. From the drop off in communication to the impending prom, you need to understand the situation and take a far more active role in your happiness.

It’s obvious that you two have some sort of connection, because you texted so much not that long ago. But understand that the stop in conversation is half your fault. It takes two people to have a drop off in communication, whether it’s face to face, email, texting or anything else. Just as you’re questioning why it stopped, there’s a good chance he is as well. All it takes to fix the situation is taking a deep breath and reaching out.

I say it all the time: the idea of the guy having to be the pursuer is a thankfully outdated practice. You are as responsible for your happiness and dating life as anyone else. If you like this guy, there is absolutely zero reason you shouldn’t be taking a more proactive approach. That’s not only true about texting, but also about your prom question.

Personally, I would start planning to ask him as soon as possible. He sounds like a guy you’re really into, so you don’t want to risk someone else snatching him up as a date. Don’t worry about him getting weird about things. I don’t think he will, and if he does, that’s his own fault and he wouldn’t have been a good date in the end. Asking him to go to prom is absolutely the best move, so go for it!

I will say that if he says no or already has a date, that shouldnt prevent you from attending prom. Even though people like to play down its significance, prom is a life experience, and if you decide not to go, you may very well regret it later in life. When I went to prom, I ended up going with a good friend, and we had a blast. Neither of us wanted to go without dates, but I know we’re both glad we didn’t miss out on a great time!

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