18 Adorable And Easy DIY Projects To Brighten Up Your Bedroom

Here in New York, we’re enjoying an unusually warm February. And while it’s freaking me out (climate change is real), it’s also making me antsy for spring weather to officially arrive. I can’t wait for warmer weather all the time, more sunshine, blooming plants, and a generally more cheerful vibe all around. Until that happens, I have to make due with things that only remind me of spring – like pretty home decor pieces that brighten up any space. Since we all know decor can be crazy expensive, it’s time to turn to some DIY projects. 

Even if you weren’t planning on getting involved with some serious spring cleaning this year, you should consider getting a few things for your bedroom that make it a more cheerful, bright place to be in. Not only will it look good, but it will also put you in a better mood. There are more ways to decorate for spring than to just spend money and time on flowers (although that’s always a great idea too!). If you’re into crafting, you’ll love the below DIY projects that are easy enough for beginners, but interesting enough for DIY gurus. Brighten up your space and get into the right frame of mind with these tutorials. Why not start now?!

1. DIY Geometric Vase



There is probably no better way to brighten up your room than to add some plants, whether they are fake or real. Make sure to put them in a cute planter – this tutorials shows you how to paint an inexpensive one (or an old one) so it looks cool and modern.


2. DIY Pineapple Night Light



Pineapple decor basically screams “SUMMER,” so add a piece to your bedroom for a touch of something tropical and fun. A pineapple night light looks cute during the day, and is useful during the night.


3. Blooming Monogram



Hanging a giant monogram is always a cute decor idea. Try making your own instead of buying one, and use some seasonal inspiration for a floral letter. It’s so pretty!


4. Cactus Ring Holder



Thinking of something smaller? This clay cactus ring holder is insanely adorable and gives a touch of brightness to any dresser.


5. Floral Chandelier 



Or maybe you’re looking for something that makes a statement. In that case, go for this floral chandelier – it’s super pretty to look at and will transform your whole room.


6. Hanging Planters



If you have space by a window, hanging planters are so beautiful to look at and create some really nice light. Again, you can use fake or real plants here.


7. Painted Glass Bottles



Grab some bright paint and decorate some recycled glass bottles. Use them as vases or just as a decoration.


8. Cactus Pillow



You can’t go wrong with a fun throw pillow. Make one in the shape of a cactus for a trendy and comfy accessory.


9. Stone Cactus Planter



Not into the idea of real plants in your bedroom? Make your own rock plants. They’re fun to create and they look so cute.


10. Floral Curtains



How gorgeous are these floral curtains? It’s a big change, but it’s one that will make you smile every time you look at them.


11. Gold Leaf Vase



This pretty gold leaf vase is great for plants, fake flowers, or even real ones. You can also make smaller ones and fill them with jewelry or makeup.


12. Lightbulb Planters



Do something unique and recycle a lightbulb to make it a tiny hanging planter.


13. Hanging Macrame Chair



If you have the room, this hanging chair not only looks great, but it’s ideal for guests – or just curling up by a window and reading a book.


14. Geometric Pencil Cup



This bright geometric cup is great for your desk or vanity, for pencils or makeup brushes. It’s also a nice pop of color!


15. Triangle Photo Frames



Show off some of your favorite aesthetically pleasing shots of nature with these unique triangle frames.


16. Pineapple Board



If you’re trying to make your room look more bright, you can’t go wrong with pineapples! This board is useful and nice to look at.


17. Hanging Planter Shelf



This cute hanging shelf holds adorable succulents and looks fresh and modern.


18. Cactus Wall Hooks



These fun little cactus hooks are great for holding your bags, sweatshirts, or keys. And they look adorable!

Which one of these crafts are you going to try? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments!

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