15 Cute Hair Accessories You Need To Try This Spring

I tend to have a love/ hate relationship with spring. On the one hand, warmer weather is awesome and important. I can wear all of the sundresses in the world and lay in the sun for hours, avoiding all of my responsibilities. On the other hand, my hair cannot handle the weird weather of the season. I’ll wake up in the morning and spend so much time on my hair, only to have it get completely frizzy as soon as I leave the house. So, I’m left throwing my hair in a braid or ponytail to avoid any poofy mishaps. And, no offense, but that can be boring. Luckily, there are some cute AF accessories that you can add to your hair in order to look chic and put together, even if  it is weirdly humid or rainy outside.

Spring is the perfect time to try new styles and trends. This year, hair accessories will be everywhere, and you might as well get a head start on the trend. It’s a perfect time of year to try them, since the weather is getting warmer and you might want to get your hair out of the way. Plus, it’s an easy way to look like a princess without having to spend hours curling or blow drying your hair. Hair accessories are kind of the best thing ever, so you better hop on the trend and check out these cute hair accessories that you need to wear this spring.

1. Try adding a pin or broach to the side of a messy bun for a pop of sparkle.


It’s super elegant and will totally upgrade your messy bun. You can buy this one from Kitsch for $18.


2. Use a moon hair pin for a spacey half up/half down style.


It’s pretty and easy, and it also makes you look like a witch. You can get this one from Etsy for $12.99.


3. Or try this cute cat clip.


It will keep your hair to the side, but also show how ~quirky~ you are. You can get this one from Urban Outfitters for $12.


4. Look regal AF with a crown bun clip.


TBH, I’m obsessed with this. Add it to the top of your bun for a truly royal look. You can get this one from Kitsch for $18.


5.  Or add a this cute star clip to the back of your bun.


It’s subtle enough to give you a little edge, without having to stick out like a sore thumb. You can get this one from Kitsch for $18.


6. Try a heart pin to add some ~love~ to your hair.


Honestly, I’ve been seeing these everywhere, and it’s probably because they are both adorable and practical. They can take the place of your boring bobby pins! You can get this one from Etsy for $15.


7. Try a leather hair tie.


This is an easy way to update a boring hair elastic. They are unique and durable! You can get this one from Etsy for $16.


8.  Channel your inner mermaid with these cute printed elastics.


These are perfect because not only do they make cute hair ties, they can also double as adorable bracelets. You can get these from Francesca’s for $12.


9.  Keep your hair back with a velvet hair wrap.


I am refusing to leave the velvet trend behind in the winter, so stay with me here. This will add extra glam to your look while still keeping your hair out of your face! You can get this from Francesca’s for $6.98.


10. Be an ACTUAL goddess with a gold leaf headband.


Honestly, I really want one of these, but I don’t know if I can pull it off. I’m sure you can, and it will make you look like a powerful Greek goddess. You can get this one from ASOS for $18.50.


11. Show off how much of a Beyonce fan you are with these bee bobby pins.


They are super springy and cute, plus maybe they will scare real bees away from stinging you? Who knows. You can get these from Modcloth for $12.99.


12. Put tiny flower pins all of your hair to give a flower crown look.


Flower crowns are out, cute flower pins are in, and they are so much easier and more subtle to wear! You can get these from ASOS for $12.50.


13.  Go metallic with these futuristic scrunchies.


It’s a little bit of an oxymoron: metallics are super futuristic, but scrunchies are so ’90s. It’s a perfect balance! You can get these from ASOS for $12.50.


14.  Try a tinier pin if you don’t want to go all out with a headband. hair

If the gold leaf headband from above is a little too much for you, try this adorable leaf pin that will make any hairstyle look elegant. You can get this one from Etsy for $18.


15.  Try this cute bird comb/pin.


It doubles as a comb and a pin, plus it’s adorable. What’s not to love? You can get this one from Modcloth for $9.99.


Are you going to try any of these hair accessories for spring? Tell us in the comments!

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