20 Random But Genius Items On Amazon You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Bedroom

If you’re still thinking of Amazon as website that is only good for cheap books and inexpensive electronics, then… can I ask where you’ve been hiding out for the last few years? Amazon has grown into a place where you can buy literally anything, from food to movies to beauty products to even designer clothing items. It is also known as a website that sells the most random products ever that we still, for some reason, want to buy. It’s addictive. You can’t go on the site without purchasing at least one thing. I know this because every single time I go on there, I end up ordering yet another book or something I never knew I needed that actually ended up being life-changing.

A lot of people don’t know that Amazon is also a great place to buy home decor. Amazon offers everything from small pieces of decor to genuinely awesome furniture, and it’s the perfect place to get lost in when you’re trying to do something like spruce up your bedroom. There are so many incredible options that it’s hard to know where to begin – scrolling through the endless pages of items can be more than a little overwhelming. So, I took the liberty of doing it for you, and I found some seriously amazing items that you need for your bedroom. I mean, sure, most of these are things that you probably wouldn’t even think about it if you weren’t reading this, but it’s fine. You need them now! Skeptical? Check out these Amazon items to buy for your bedroom ASAP:

1. A Cat Night Light


GoLine Cute Kitty Night Light, $15.99

If you’re a teensy bit afraid of the dark (like me and I’m not ashamed to admit it), get a little night light instead of keeping your TV on. This cat night light is adorable and does the trick.


2. A Hanging Terrarium 


MyGift Hanging Clear Glass Prism Air Plant Terrarium, $24.99

Succulents are the perfect plant for your bedroom because they’re very low-maintenance and they look very aesthetically pleasing. A hanging terrarium is a great piece of decor that will brighten up any space, and this one is particularly awesome.


3. A Hanging Organizer


Homecube 5 Pocket Home Organizer, $9.99

We could all use a little extra space sometimes. This hanging organizer is great for small items. Hang it near your bed, over a door, or literally anywhere to keep small accessories in place. It’s at a great price point, so get more than one!


4. Flower String Lights


ZKing Flower String Lights, $3.93

String lights are the best way to transform your bedroom into a magically lit bohemian wonderland. These flower string lights are especially nice to look at.


5. Himalayan Tea Light Holder


WBM Himalayan Glow Tea Light Holder, $4.96

Himalayan salt lamps are a *thing* right now, but if you don’t want to shell out the money for one, try this instead. It’s a little tea light candle holder. Get a bunch of them and give your room all the right vibes.


6. A Marble Clock


Gingko Electronics Brick Marble Click Clock, $165.94

Yes, this marble clock is pretty expensive, but look how beautiful it is! If you’re going for a more modern, chic look in your bedroom, you need this on your nightstand. It’s so unique.


7. An Aromatherapy Diffuser 


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, $31.99

One easy way to make your bedroom instantly more cozy is to make it smell good. Candles can be dangerous, so a diffuser like this is ideal. You can use a mix of essential oils in this one to give off a lovely scent and a seriously relaxing feel.


8. A Pineapple Fan


Deco Breeze Pineapple Fan, $61.64

If you’ve got a beach theme going on, then you need this insane pineapple fan. I mean, no one needs a fan shaped like a pineapple, but you know what I’m saying.


9. A Cool Aquarium 


Umbra FishHotel Aquarium,  $34.75

Having a little fish tank in your room can make the space feel brighter and more alive. This aquarium shaped like a little fish hotel is fun to look at and very unique.


10. A Cool Desk Lamp


Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp, $37.99

A desk lamp that is adjustable is great to have for getting work done, or even to use as extra light for when you’re doing your makeup. I love the combo of the bright teal with wood.


11. A Dinosaur Phone Holder 


Comix Mini Dinosaur Cell Phone Mount, $8.99

Instead of placing your cell phone on your nightstand or something, put it in a phone holder to protect the case and just to make it look cooler. It should definitely be this dinosaur option, because it’s amazing.


12. A Gold Skull


Summit Gold Skull Head Collectible, $21.99 

Why do you need this gold skull? I don’t know. I guess you don’t NEED it, but isn’t it cool to look at? It’s a little piece of chic and kind of gothic decor.


13. Jellyfish Planters


Hinterland Trading Pink Sea Urchin Jellyfish, $13

Another fun way to put succulents or little plants in your room is with these urchin planters that look like jellyfish. I’m obsessed!


14. A Sleep Monitoring Light


SleepCompanion Monitoring Light, $79.99

This light is great for a few things – one, it helps you wake up easier by mimicking the natural sunrise for your alarm time. Two, it monitors your sleep habits to see what’s affecting your sleep. And three, it gives off a soothing light to help you fall asleep better. If you have trouble sleeping, it’s definitely worth a try.


15. A Lotus Flower Incense Holder


Buddha Meditation Lotus Flower Incense Holder, $6.90

Is this the prettiest incense holder you’ve ever seen? Make your room smell amazing with this cool piece of decor.


16. A Marble Pillow Cover


Modern Print Rose Geometric Marble Pillow Cover, $4.77

Marble is still a huge trend, so why not embrace it? This unique geometric pillow cover is a great way to make your room stand out.


17. A Bread Pillow


Cotton Food Bread Pillow, $18.93

Throw pillows are awesome, and they don’t have to be boring. Get one shaped like a loaf of bread! Why? Because it’s cute.


18. Triangle Shelves


Triangular Floating Black Walnut Shelves, $83

These triangle shelves are such a cool piece of decor, and they’re also useful. Use them to hold smaller items in the best way possible.


19. A Unicorn Head


Cardboard Safari Merlin Cardboard Unicorn Head, $57.84

I’ll be honest with you – I have no idea what this is for. But it’s cool, so.


20. An Honest Clock


Kovot Wall Clock, $14.99

Give your room some life with this very honest clock. Hey, at least you’re real!

Which one of these items are you going to order from Amazon? What did we forget to include? Share in the comments!

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