Quiz: Which Spring Makeup Trend Should You Try?

If you haven’t noticed, today is the first day of March, which means we are a mere three weeks away from spring. So, yes, it’s almost time to break out the florals, sandals, and the pastel sweaters. BUT, before spring is in full swing (try saying that five times fast) you need to answer the most important question of all: which spring 2017 makeup look are you going to try?


I know it seems silly to think about, since there is so much other stuff on your mind (you know, like midterms, prom, or memes) but you might as well get ahead of the game right now before you are left wearing 2016 trends in 2017, and how embarrassing would that be? All kidding aside, it’s always fun to try and find a new makeup trend that is fun to play around with – it broadens your style horizons and gives your look a little bit more oomph. So, what are you waiting for? Take this quiz to find out what spring 2017 makeup trend you need to try ASAP.

What were your quiz results? Tell us in the comments!

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