9 Things You Shouldn’t Do The Morning After Sex

As with the majority of things in life, there are some general unwritten rules about sex. Everyone may have their own slightly different interpretations, but there are still some common overarching themes. There are rules for before you hookup, rules for when you’re actually doing the deed, rules for post-sex, and even rules for the morning after.

While you might think that the most important rules are relating to the actual sexy time fun, the last two are just as important. If you’ve ever had an amazing hookup then had your SO do something totally random after it, you’ll get what I’m talking about.

We want the entire sexy experience to be good from the first kiss to the kiss goodbye (as well as everything in between!) so here are some good guidelines to follow about things you should not do the morning after. Fingers crossed they give you an A+ experience. Take a look at the nine things you should not do the morning after sex.

Let All Of Your Friends Know

You might be excited about your experience, but it's probably not the best idea to let the entire world know, especially if that isn't what bae would want. Therefore, resist the urge to text everyone in your contacts list. And don't even think about sending a cheeky Snapchat of you in bed next to bae sleeping.

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Pounce On Bae In The Morning

Are you still ready for more? That's great, but bae may not be, especially if he/she is still half-asleep. Remember that some people are morning people and others aren't. In fact, some are downright cranky in the morning. Bae might really be into you, but he/she might not be the sort of person who is ready for sex the second he/she opens his/her eyes.

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Leave Without Saying Goodbye

Even if you want to *escape,* remember your manners. How would you feel if you woke up and bae was gone without saying goodbye or even having the decency to leave a note? Even if you had a one night stand, you should still be polite and announce you're going.

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Leave Money

Just no. Remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie found cash the morning after sex and how awkward it made her feel? Even if you owe bae for dinner or something else, do not leave it after sex. You might really want to pay bae back for something, but give it later. If you leave it now, bae will get that awkward feeling that he/she was paid for sex, even if that completely isn't your intention.

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Use The Other Person's Toothbrush

No toothbrush of your own? Do without it. Use your finger if you really have to, but do not be sticking the other person's toothbrush in your mouth unless they told you it's cool. Yeah, I know you probably swapped millions of germs last night, but swapping spit while you're making out is different than, like, swapping tooth plaque. You know?

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Expect To Spend The Entire Day In Bed

You might be someone who gets up at noon, but that may not be how bae functions. Bae might have to be somewhere in the morning. As tired as you may be from last night, don't get the idea that you can sleep in until the afternoon. If you hear bae rustling in the morning, it's a good idea to get up, too.

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Have A Massive Freakout

Has the bright light of day made you realize that what you did last night was a big mistake? Do you regret your hookup? It's alright to be upset--and if you feel violated in any way, there's nothing wronf with that, either--but remember that being overly dramatic about things isn't going to help. If you are upset about something, you should definitely talk to the other person about it.

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Take Over Everything

If you aren't at your place, ensure that you don't get too comfortable in your surroundings. You might be inspired by all of the rom-coms you've seen to cook bae a romantic breakfast, however, bae may not be too keen on the idea, especially if he/she is living with parents or roommates. And don't start looking at everything in the bedroom. I know it may be tempting, but just...don't.

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Take A Souvenir

You might have had a super hot night, but it's best to live with the memories instead of looking for something of bae's to keep. Yes, almost every movie has a girl rocking a post-sex shirt she got from bae, but that is movies. IRL, bae might really like that shirt. Plus, shirts cost money. Would you like to be giving away a shirt every time you had sex?

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What other things do you avoid doing the morning after sex? Let us know in the comments!

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