7 Signs That Your Crush Is Too Immature For You

By the time puberty rolls around, it’s damn near impossible to be a girl and not hear the following: Boys mature slower than girls do. People will cite biology as evidence: People with boobs and vaginas having growth spurts earlier than people with penises and Adams apples do. Ha, I think anyone who has ever been to middle school knows that’s often true. I was one of the tallest people in my class for years, and then by high school, hormones finally caught up; dudes I towered over a couple of years prior were suddenly towering over me. But it’s one thing to make a scientific argument for this phenomenon. What’s ridiculous is when people make excuses for guys’ behavior based on the ol, “well, they don’t mature as fast as girls do!” BS.

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Uh, that’s pure socialization. Gender aside, people experience emotional maturity at their own speed. There are girls out there who are a lot less mature than some guys out there. But let’s be real: Boys are given a pass for being immature jerks because they’re boys. Girls? Yeah, a lot less wiggle room.

Now, this isn’t the end of the world or anything, but this divide in expectations can become problematic when it comes to dating. Too often, girls who are interested in dating guys are expected to excuse some of the most inexcusable behavior ever just because we’re operating under the assumption that boys are just immature and we have to deal with it. Correction: No, no we don’t. But maturity isn’t just about whether or not somebody still thinks it’s cool to make fart noises in the middle of class. So to keep you on your toes, check out these seven signs that your crush is too immature for you. If you’re crushing on a guy who shows more than a couple of these qualities, be aware, dude.

You Can Never Talk To Them About Anything Remotely Deep

Ever want to talk about sexism? The environment? Black lives matter? Our awful state of politics? Yeah, well, this guy will let you talk, but isn't interested in engaging with you. Waiting around, expecting him to shape up will do your head in. Heads up if he asks you why you're so serious about everything...when you're not. You just want to be abel to have a mature conversation about things that, you know, MATTER sometimes. You're not some kind of fun sponge just because you aren't always looking for laugh.

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He Goofs Off ALL The Time

We all like a laugh, and funny guys can be SO attractive. But there’s a time and a place, and your crush seems blissfully unaware that times and places to goof off exist. Some of the funniest people know how to be funny without being disruptive and disrespectful, remember that.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

You Find Yourself Making Excuses For Their Immaturity All The Time

Whether it's to friends, family, or yourself, you're always coming up with reasons as to why your crush was being an immature jerk. This is going to get exhausting and wear down on you after a while, especially if you two start to actually date. Will you really want to maintain that day in and day out, hoping that they'll shape up eventually? Naw.


He Has A Really Nasty Sense Of Humor

He mocks others, punches down, and seems to have no worries that he's being an asshole 90 percent of the time. This guy just...isn't good, girl.

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He's Not Attentive When You Hook Up

To be frank, he's very invested in getting himself off. Getting YOU off, on the other hand? LOL, not so much.

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He Seems Satisfied With The The Bare Minimum

And the fact that you at least expect a replied text and not acting so hot and cold around you, little things like that, are asking for way too much.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

He's Only Deep About The Things He Cares About

Oh, so he can be mature? Well, is it only about things he is passionate about? Yeah, that doesn't count. It's cute that he's suddenly serious about some band or his favorite video came or a sports team, but when he acts like the things you care about don't matter, that's a bad sign.

Some Girls

He's Apologetic When You Call Him Out For Being Immature, But He Never Really Changes

Okay, he'll give you some sincere sounding excuse and promise to change...but he doesn't. Then you call him out again, he apologizes, nothing changes, and so on and so forth. How many chances are you going to give him?


What the most immature thing your crush or someone you’ve dated has ever done? What other immature things do guys get off the hook for far too often? Tell us in the comments!

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