8 Exciting Ways To Make Kissing More Fun

The other day, I was scrolling through Twitter (as we all do) and I came across a #Relatable tweet that I wanted to share with you all. Unfortunately, since it’s Twitter, I was unable to find the same exact text tweet without scrolling back in my timeline for 70 hours. But, this is the basic premise:

Real talk: kissing is effing weird. I don’t just mean kissing someone goodbye, or a quick kiss on the check, I mean making out or French kissing. Do you ever actually think about it? Like… you’re putting your tongue in someone else’s mouth and moving it around. TBH it can be a little gross. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I am pretty weirded out by french kissing sometimes. And if you are also grossed out by kissing, it can make making out…well, just not fun.

Maybe you actually like kissing (which is totally cool!) but you’re a little bit bored of the making out routine that you and your bae have become to used to. That’s okay, because there are some ways to make kissing still be fun, even if you’re either bored of it or just grossed out by tongues. If you’re looking to spice up your kissing sessions a little bit, check out these easy ways to make kissing more fun (and less gross).

Kiss During Red Lights

If you and bae are in a car, every time you get to a red light, have a mini-makeout session. But ONLY when the light is red. When the light turns green, stop kissing and actually focus on driving. Not only does it make the car ride more fun, but it will build up anticipation for your next kiss.

Image Source: Clueless

Kiss With Ice Cubes

Supposedly, this is a very popular kissing technique, according to the Kissing Advice site that I just learned about today (I wish I knew about it in high school, but whatever.) This is technically a "party game" (weird) but you can do it with your bae in order to switch things up. All you have to do is pass the ice cube between you and your partner until it melts. Whoever has the ice cube in their mouth after it melts "loses" and has to do something for the winner, like a massage or back rub. The ice gives you and your bae a new type of ~tingly~ sensation that will keep your kissing super interesting.

Image Source: Gossip Girl

Use Your Hands

Hands are important when making out. You don't wand them to just awkwardly hang to your side (well, maybe you do, but we'll get to that later), you want your bae to know that you are actually having fun! Touch their check, run your fingers through their hair, or even hold hands. Touching makes a huge difference.

Image Source: Pretty Little Liars

Or Don't Use Your Hands

On the other hand (ha, get it?) it can build up anticipation if you don't use your hands while making out. You can try out the classic kissing game "Too Hot" where you and your bae only lock lips and the first person to touch the other one loses. Not sure what "losing" really means in this situation, since you still get to kiss someone, but, you know.

Image Source: My Girl

Kiss Other Places Besides Lips

If you really want to try something new, kiss your partner everywhere but their lips. I know it sounds weird, but it's actually a super ~sexy~ way to turn your partner on. Kiss their neck, arms, hands, fingers, whatever you want! As long as they are cool with it, though. You wouldn't just want to kiss someone's foot without asking, since they might kick you in the face.

Image Source: The First Time

Marathon Kiss

Kissing might get boring when you are so used to just having your own kissing routine with bae. Try a kissing marathon, where you and your partner have to kiss for as long as you can without stopping. The first person who stops "loses" (again, it's not really a loss since you will still be having fun with your bae) and gets to decide what you do next.

Image Source: Degrassi

Spiderman Kiss

Yes, this is influenced by a comic book but no, you shouldn't hang upside down to get it right. You and your bae can lay down so that your top lip aligned with their bottom lip. Does that make sense? It's actually really crazy how much of a difference it makes, no wonder why it was recreated so many times.

Image Source: The OC

Mint Kiss

I mean, you all know how to put a mint in your mouth before you kiss, but have you ever had your partner try to take it out of your mouth? Sounds weird, I know, but according to Match.com, it's actually a pretty fun game that you and your bae should try one day. Just stick a mint in your mouth and have your bae try and find it. It'll be sexy AND minty!

Image Source: The Princess Diaries

Are you going to try any of these kissing tricks? Tell us in the comments!

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