9 Brilliant Alternative Uses For Tampons You Need To Try

There’s no denying that tampons are the most popular menstrual product out there (riiiight before pads). Tampons are obviously great when you have your period, because they’re comfortable, they’re easy, and they keep blood from getting everywhere. But here’s a little known fact: that is definitely not the only thing they’re good for. You can use tampons for other things besides collecting menstrual blood! I mean, sure, using a tampon for anything else might raise some eyebrows, but ignore what other people think, because these are some seriously brilliant ways to use them.

I get it – tampons, despite being so popular, still have a weird stigma surrounding them. A lot of people still stress about being spotted with one in their hand while walking to the bathroom, and it’s still considered “progressive” if a dude can manage to buy a pack of them for his girlfriend. So you probably don’t want to just pull a tampon out of your bag, unwrap it, and use it for something completely random… except I’m telling you that you should. We are all underusing these magical products! Don’t believe me? Here are some brilliant alternative uses for tampons that have nothing to do with menstrual blood – and you need to try them ASAP.

Which one of these tampon hacks do you need? Which ones have you already tried? Let us know in the comments!

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