The 24 Best Reactions To The 2017 Oscars You Have To See

As February comes to a close, so does Hollywood’s award season, marked by the Academy Awards. If you missed the 2017 Oscars, we’ve got you covered. The show, surprisingly, was not a total snooze-fest, and a lot of the wins were well-deserved (although not… all of them *cough Casey Affleck cough*). There were a lot of cute moments, a lot of moments that made us laugh, and a few that brought tears to our eyes. There was also Ryan Gosling, Dev Patel, Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio (for, like, five seconds but it’s fine), and so many others. ANYWAY.

Whether you missed the Oscars or you tuned in, you shouldn’t miss the tweets and reactions about the Oscars, because in many cases, they were better than the actual show moments. So, let’s stop talking about them, and let’s just enjoy them. Check out the best reactions to the Oscars you need to know about. Also, these are in particular order because this show went on until after midnight and damn I am tired, anyway, here you go!

Okay, not to act crazy, but can we first talk about the end of the show?? In case you haven’t heard, La La Land was announced as winner for Best Picture – and as the cast was giving their teary-eyed acceptance speeches, it was announced that, uh, the wrong envelope was read, and Moonlight had actually won. GUYS. It was easily the craziest moment I have ever watched during an awards show, and it was just… I mean, it was a sh*tshow, okay? I loved La La Land, but Moonlight deserved the win, so it’s fine, but – damn, that was cringe-worthy.

Watch that moment right here:


And the moment Warren Beatty realized he had the wrong envelope:


Everyone made this obvious comparison:


Even Jimmy Kimmel was like, WTF do I do now?


And we were all like:


Okay, uh, let’s try to talk about the rest of the show:

1. Let’s start with this joy-inducing GIF of Taraji P. Henson enjoying some of the balloons of candy that fell from the ceiling:


2. Here’s one way of wondering WTF Mel Gibson was doing there:


3. This happened:


4. So, Jimmy Kimmel allowed a bunch of tourists into the Oscars and they got to do things like this, which, honestly, is not fair:


5. It also will probably lead to a lot of annoying think pieces:


6. Even though it was so pure and beautiful:


7. This… happened?


8. This was a very adorable acceptance speech:


9. Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield did this and it was beautiful:


10. A real photo of John Legend at the Oscars:


11. This is extremely true:


12. Me:


13. Basically Andrew Garfield should meet everyone:


14. And he should just, like, do everything:


15. Remember when Jimmy Kimmel tweeted at Donald Trump?


16. Nicole Kidman pretended she knew what clapping was. 


17. This kid was the cutest part of the night:


18. Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake reunited and no one could handle it:


19. This woman flipped over meeting Ryan Gosling, because can you blame her?


20. Remember that time Hollywood acted like Mel Gibson was acceptable


21. Justin Timberlake photobombed Emma Stone:


22. This terrible tweet made me laugh for too long:


23. Casey Affleck won Best Actor and made all of us die a little inside:


24. I mean… 


Which moment of the 2017 Oscars was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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