7 Weird AF Things You Can Do With Condoms

A few years ago, it became a popular (and weird) trend to see what would happen if you hung a condom outside of a car window while someone else was driving. Spoiler alert: it blew up like a balloon, and the internet loved it. It spawned hundreds of Vines (RIP) Youtube videos, and teen boys driving recklessly with condoms hanging out the window.


(PS: Don’t do this. It’s silly and dangerous.)

I’m not sure why, but people are really into using condoms for things besides putting them on penises. I don’t really know what it is about tiny, balloon-like pieces of rubber, but I guess they can be pretty versatile. So, after learning that some people use condoms for things OTHER than having sex, I decided to dig a little deeper and I found some… weird stuff. Condoms are pretty expensive, so I wouldn’t recommend doing all of this stuff with them, but I guess if you’re stuck in a situation where all you have is condoms and you REALLY need a rubber band…it could perhaps become useful. Or maybe you just have a lot of condoms laying around. I’m not judging, I promise. Check out these random and weird uses for condoms and maybe try some of your own…if you want.

What weird way have you used a condom? Tell us in the comments!

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