Quiz: Are You Actually Bad At Sex?

Not sure if you’re as good at having sex as you could be? You’re not alone. Sex, and the insecurity many people feel regarding it, is one of the most easily-to-capitalize-upon emotions that there may be, both on the internet and off. (Ahem.)

To be clear: “bad at sex” is a relative term. Different people have different sexual styles and preferences, so one person’s “bad” sex might be another person’s great, mindblowing, totally perfect sex, and vice versa. Plus, lacking skills in the bedroom, much like lacking in some flirtation skills, is far from the worst quality that a person can have–you can learn and adapt. It’s no big deal. (And, it should without saying, anyone would be lucky to have sex with you, so anyone who’s trying to give you a hard time about having what they deem sub-par sex skills is not worthy of your time and attention). But if you are consistently receiving a certain kind of lackluster, “meh” response after having sex, it could be useful to know why. So, take this quiz to find out if you are actually bad at having sex:




Which result did you get? Did it surprise you? Let us know in the comments!

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