8 Sex Moments From TV And Movies That Are Actually Realistic

We love talking about all of the unrealistic things that teen TV shows and movies teach us, specifically when it comes to sex. Most of the time, fictional portrayals of sex are over exaggerated and just… wrong. But, every once in awhile, we have to admit that some forms of entertainment actually do get it right. I mean, sure you probably won’t be having sex in the rain with your bae, but there are some times when TV shows and movies accurately portray what it’s like to have sex…whether it’s good or bad.

I know that you probably think that having sex, especially for the first time, will be super ~magical~, but a lot of the times, it won’t be. And that’s okay! But because of all the crazy and over-the-top sex scenes in all your favorite TV shows and movies, you might think that if your sex life isn’t super dramatic, then it isn’t good sex. That’s not true! In real life, sex is complicated. It can be weird, funny, or even uncomfortable, and it’s important to realize that every time you do it, it won’t be perfect, and that’s fine. Even though many TV shows give your unrealistic expectations, here are some actually realistic sex moments from TV shows and movies that can make you feel a little better about sex.

What TV show or movie had the most realistic sex moment? Tell us in the comments!

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