8 Sex Moments From TV And Movies That Are Actually Realistic

We love talking about all of the unrealistic things that teen TV shows and movies teach us, specifically when it comes to sex. Most of the time, fictional portrayals of sex are over exaggerated and just… wrong. But, every once in awhile, we have to admit that some forms of entertainment actually do get it right. I mean, sure you probably won’t be having sex in the rain with your bae, but there are some times when TV shows and movies accurately portray what it’s like to have sex…whether it’s good or bad.

I know that you probably think that having sex, especially for the first time, will be super ~magical~, but a lot of the times, it won’t be. And that’s okay! But because of all the crazy and over-the-top sex scenes in all your favorite TV shows and movies, you might think that if your sex life isn’t super dramatic, then it isn’t good sex. That’s not true! In real life, sex is complicated. It can be weird, funny, or even uncomfortable, and it’s important to realize that every time you do it, it won’t be perfect, and that’s fine. Even though many TV shows give your unrealistic expectations, here are some actually realistic sex moments from TV shows and movies that can make you feel a little better about sex.

Donna And Eric On That 70's Show

You don't really see Eric and Donna have sex...but her immediate guilt afterwards is super real. After Donna and Eric have sex, she assumes that everyone can tell, just by the look on her face. It's a pretty real fear, TBH. As young girls, we are taught that having sex is a "sacred act" and once you do it, you might feel guilty. It's normal to feel guilty, but it's also normal to have sex, and you shouldn't feel guilty for doing it.

Seth And Summer On The OC

Your first time might actually be disappointing, which is what happens to Seth and Summer in The OC. It sucks, but it's actually super realistic. Neither of them know what to do, and instead of talking about it, they just let it happen and be weird. As it turns out, it was Summer's first time too, so she was nervous and didn't know what to do, so they just did it, and ended up getting let down. If you want to avoid this, be sure to communicate with your partner so that you can talk each other through it.

Jimmy And Ashley On Degrassi

TBT to when Drake was just Jimmy on Degrassi (before the wheelchair thing). TV shows rarely talk about what to do if you're not actually ready to have sex. In this situation, Jimmy really wanted to have sex with  Ashley for their anniversary. They almost do, but Ashley quickly runs to out of the room upset. Then she decided she wanted to wait. And that was totally cool! You should never feel pressured to do anything with your bae, even if you've been together for a while.

Buffy And Parker On Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Unfortunately, this also happens. You might have sex with a boy, and they won't talk to you again. And it really sucks. But, sometimes that happens. In Buffy, she was just getting over a long-term relationship, and ends up having sex with a guy she meets at a party. She has fun, but he never calls her afterwards. Then she learns he was only in it for sex, and not actually interested in her. I don't want to say EVERY boy will ignore you after you have sex with them, but it does happen and it can feel terrible. Buffy felt bad for a while after that, and it was possibly the most realistic thing in that entire show (since, you know, it's about vampires).

Dave And Aubrey In The First Time

Your first time might not be super magical and amazing...but that doesn't mean that sex will ALWAYS be terrible. In The First Time, Dave and Aubrey have sex and it's not too great. It was her first time, and she wanted it be special, but it just added too much pressure. They both get upset afterwards, which can happen. They end up breaking up because they don't think they are compatible enough. It's frustrating to feel like you waited so long for something and it's not as awesome as you thought it was going to be. Luckily, they work through it and decide to keep trying. It's worth it!

Viva In Some Girls

After having a hilarious talk with her BFFs, Viva reveals that shes never actually had an orgasm, and that she fakes it every time she has sex with her boyfriend Rocky. It’s actually super common for girls to not have an orgasm during penetrative sex. Most girls have orgasms when their clitoris is stimulated, and penetrative sex with a penis doesn’t always equal clitoral stimulation. It’s normal for girls to fake orgasms, but, as a note, that doesn’t mean you SHOULD fake an orgasm.

Aimee And Sutter In The Spectacular Now

This movie is a coming-of-age tale about two very different high schoolers who form a unique relationship, despite being different. Aimee is a ~smart~ girl and Sutter is a ~party~ boy, but they fall for each other and eventually have sex in what is perhaps the most realistic movie sex moment ever. They are both nervous, obviously, and take breaks to stop because, TBH, sex can be hard and weird and it's not always a continuous marathon of thrusting and sweat. They are both nervous, of course, and awkwardly laugh throughout the whole thing. That's pretty real.

Emma And Jay On Degrassi

For a while, Degrassi's slogan was "It goes there" which is real AF since it REALLY went there for years. After sneaking out of her house and giving Jay oral sex in a car, Emma learns that he actually has gonorrhea, and gave it to her. This won't happen to everyone, obviously, but it's a good example of how STDs are very real and can happen to anyone, even if you're just having oral sex.

What TV show or movie had the most realistic sex moment? Tell us in the comments!

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