20 Tumblr Posts That Explain What Being In A Relationship Is Really Like

Being in a long-term relationship is, generally, very different from what the Internet and media makes it seem like. If you pay any attention to #RelationshipGoals, social media posts about relationships, the way TV shows and movies interpret relationships, and even the way your friends talk about them, you would assume that a long-term partnership is always magical, understanding, fun, sexy, and passionate. And, sure, long-term relationships can (and should) be all of those things… from time to time. But once you’ve been dating someone for a while, and you’ve both gotten comfortable and happy, things aren’t always romance and sunshine. Things can get, uh, weird. And of course, no one understands that more than Tumblr users.

I mean, don’t get me wrong – relationships that have lasted for a while have tons of good things about them. But they also have another side that isn’t always depicted because it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing to look at or as magical to think about. That side includes inside jokes that don’t make any sense, stupid fights that sound insane to anyone else, ridiculous text messages, and just… well, you can see for yourself with these Tumblr posts that explain what relationships are really like. Disagree? Tell us why in the comments!

1. You guys fight, but then you make up very easily:



2. Sometimes you… might look at their phone. What? It’s NOTHING.


(But seriously this is a terrible behavior and you should stop.)

3. Sometimes you try to be sexy but then it turns into a joke.



4. You develop your own language:



5. You stop caring about how you might come off in front of them and just totally act like yourself:



6. Sometimes you get in the mood to argue. WHAT IT’s FINE



7. But also sometimes you just want to be with them because you love them.



8. You guys stop doing sweet romantic gestures and start getting real.



9. But at the same time you really love to hear each other talk about inane things:



10. Your text messages are more silly than passionate:



11. You know that, realistically, your anger won’t last too long.



12. You still smile when you see each other:



13. Like I said, your texts are, uh, less than sexy:



14. You prepare for arguments:



15. You can go from fighting to flirting pretty quickly:



16. Cuddling is great but also, like, hard:



17. But at the end of the day, you’re always willing to help each other out:



18. You share food always, no questions asked:



19. You’re honest with each other about your needs:



20. Your partner is this person for you, though, and always will be:



Which one of these posts is your favorite? What do you think relationships are really like? Share in the comments!

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