15 Clever Ways To Store And Organize Your Bras

Think about the drawer in your bedroom that holds all of your bras. Got a picture of it in your head? Okay, great. Chances are good that you’re storing your bras all wrong, and probably kind of ruining them in the process.

As any person with breasts already knows, bras are annoying and temperamental AF. Not only do they do frustrating things while you’re wearing them – sliding down your shoulder as the most inopportune moments, digging into your skin without warning, turning into a little mini pool of sweat whenever it’s hot out – but they also act like total divas when they’re not on your body. Bras need to be stored and organized in a very specific way in order for them to stay intact and in shape. But, because they are an annoying shape and take up a lot of room, we usually end up stuffing them wherever they will fit, and, well, slowly destroying them. 

Want to keep your favorite bra for as long as possible? Want to make your bedroom look like an oasis of perfectly stored clothing? We’ve got your back. Here are a few clever ways to store your bras, whether you have extra room or not. Trust us – it’s worth taking up some of your time to move ’em around.

1. Line them up in your drawer instead of just throwing them in there.



Shoving your bras in a drawer crumples them up, which can throw off the molding and even cause the underwire to get stuck in a position where it tears through the fabric. Save your bras by lining them up like you see them in the store. Not only does this protect them, but it also fits more and makes it easier to find the one you want.


2. Hang from them from one hanger using shower rings. 



Carefully placing bras in a drawer is great, but hanging them is even better. Keep yours from taking up too much room by using cheap shower rings on one hanger to fit them all.


3. Make a little bra rack. 



If you have the room and want to display your bras in a more aesthetically pleasing way, make your own little rack using a bunch of hangers.


4. Use old show boxes to divide up your drawers to save space and keep bras in place.



This is great if you don’t have a lot of bras or a lot of room. The dividers keep the bras from falling all over the place if some get moved, and makes it easier to grab what you need.


5. Hang them over one hanger.



Don’t want to DIY anything? Simply hang your bras over the bar of one hanger using the hook in the middle. This probably won’t hold as many, and has the potential to leave them kind of cramped, but it works in a pinch.


6. Give each bra its own hanger.



This isn’t really necessary and is only possible if you have a lot of space, but you can hang each bra on its own hanger if you want.


7. Avoid folding them in half at all costs. 



A lot of people think it’s fine to fold their bras in half to save space – it’s not. It can throw off the molding and padding. Instead, lay them flat.


8. Use jewelry holders to hang your bras.



One really pretty way to store your bras is to use jewelry/necklace holders to hang them on. It’s a nice way to display them and you can find inexpensive ones in places like Home Goods.


9. Hang them with clothespins. 



I’m pretty sure this is a photo of bras drying after being washed, but whatever – it still works if necessary.


10. Lay them to the side in a wide drawer so you can see them better. 



Instead of a vertical line, make it a horizontal one – that way you can see all the bras, and not just the ones in the front.


11. Buy something like this Boobie Trap to really give them support.



If you’re serious about your bras, you can buy storage options that help keep molding in place on a more professional level.


12. Use drawer dividers so that each bra has it’s own space.



Instead of leaning bras on top of each other, use a separator (or thin strip of cardboard) to give them their own space.


13. Hang them up with matching underwear. 



If you want to be super fancy, you can hang your lingerie in sets.


14. Fold up your sports bras that don’t have molded cups for more space.



Don’t do this if they have underwire, but if it’s just fabric, this is a good way to save on space.


15. Hang them from the middle part instead of the strap. 



This doesn’t give you as much space, but it could help keep straps from getting damaged.

Which one of these bra storage ideas are you going to try? How do you organize your bras? Tell us in the comments!

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