16 Things You Need To Know About Jay And Alexis Right Now

If, today, you happen to be feeling a little discombobulated and unable to focus on your daily, mundane activities–“shook,” if I may be so bold as to use the common internet parlance–allow me to tell you the most likely reason why this is happening. The famous Instagram couple (or, to use more precise language, the Instagram-famous couple), Jay and Alexis, comprised of Alexis Ren (a model who, most notably, has a new makeup collection with ColourPop) and Jay Alvarrez (a model who, most notably, once held a real, live human baby like it was a loaf of bread) is no more. Over the weekend, Alexis Ren took to Twitter to air the details of her relationship–or, to be more exact, the end of her most recent relationship:

Anyway, pretty much all of the ladyblogs are talking about it now, so, for better or for worse, it is News. For whatever reason, Gurl.com has traditionally been on the forefront of Jay and Alexis news, so I now feel as though it is my duty to discuss these events as well. Unfortunately, I can’t really seem to make myself care about them all that much this time around. Real Jay and Alexis heads already know that the couple broke up in the summer of 2016, and this is just an official announcement that, in my analysis, also serves as a last-ditch ploy to shove their names into some blog headlines today. (Which, mission accomplished, I guess.) Still, if you are interested in unpacking the latest harrowing event that this couple has had to endure, check out these things you need to know about the drama between Jay and Alexis right now:

1. Again, this whole business started back in August, when Alexis began to post cryptic, I’m-totally-fine-why-do-you-ask tweets:


2. And Instagrams:

I'm not anything that you think I am

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3. Jay, in the meantime, did…this:

DILF LIFE BABY ??? #NotMyKid hahahahaha

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4. In between August and February, things seemed to cool down–both Jay and Alexis unfollowed one another on Twitter and Instagram, and continued to follow their hopes, wishes, dreams, etc. Alexis, for example, dyed her hair brown for her new Colourpop campaign:

ALEXIS REN X @colourpopcosmetics coming ?

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5. Jay found a way to get more in touch with fashion–and his sensual side–than ever before:

Passions in fashion baby ???.. #truestory #EatUrSoulOut #SorryIaintSorry

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6. All seemed well! Then, on February 18th, Alexis tweeted…this:


7. And this:


8. Sounds cryptic, no? Don’t worry. She elaborated a little bit:


9. Actually, she elaborated a lot. Many of these were later deleted, but, by the grace of screenshots, will live on until the apocalypse:

10. Especially this one:

11. If you are confused on who the intended recipient was meant to be, it was Jay. How do we know this? Context clues! (Um, this is a little NSFW, by the way.)


12. Can you imagine posting that? Also, can you imagine only following four people on Twitter, and having those people be three of your close, personal friends, and…WikiLeaks?

13. I mean, this is true:


14. Then again, this is awful:


15. And this is wise:


16. Anyway. Here’s to happier times!

Moments ⏮⏸

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What do you think about Jay and Alexis? Do you care that they broke up? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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