20 Gorgeous Examples Of The Daith Piercing That Will Make You Want One ASAP

Last week, I saw a few articles pop up on my Facebook newsfeed about the daith piercing. What is a daith piercing, you might ask? It’s a piercing on your crus helix, which is the part of your ear above the tragus. It’s basically a small piercing tucked into your ear that could easily be missed, but ends up looking so cute and kind of mysterious. You know, this:

Freshly pierced daith with a titanium Horizontal clicker to show it off. . Piercing done by @derek_gregston . jewelry from @maria_tash

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Magazines like Cosmopolitan were calling daith piercings the “new thing” and I was like… um, what? Not to sound obnoxious, but I (along with many other people) have known about daith piercings for a very long time. Back when I was in high school, a lot of my friends were getting them done when they found that regular ol’ piercings weren’t contributing to any sort of shock factor anymore. Daith piercings are surprising and unique without being too in-your-face, so they fit the bill. So, to call them a trend right now just feels a little awkward.

Apparently, this all came about because a very trendy piercer from Los Angeles named Brian Keith Thompson told a reporter from Refinery 29 that daith piercings were the *trendy* piercing of the moment. He told Refinery 29: “If you’re only gong to have three piercings right now, I would do your lobes, your tragus, and your daith. The daith is really popular right now – and [they] look cool all together.”

Regardless of whether daith piercings are new or not, Thompson is right – they do look very, very cool. So if you want to try something a little different that isn’t going to make your parents ground you for the next six months, but is still going to make a very sweet Instagram photo, you should try a daith piercings. Not convinced? Check out these gorgeous examples of daith piercings that will make you want one ASAP:

1. This tiny intricate earring that looks pretty close up or far away:

Fresh daith using a rose gold Eden pear with CZ and white opal accents

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2. This sweet heart-shaped ring:


3. This pretty earring that suddenly makes the inside of an ear look amazing:


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4. This bejeweled option that can match with other earrings:


5. This simple ring that just looks cool on its own:

Finally got my migraine piercing. Let's hope it works!! #daithpiercing

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6. An option that is subtle but still manages to stand out:


7. This unexpected moon shape:


8. This little bar that looks edgy but sweet:


9. This cluster of sparkles that makes your ear look glamorous:

Creative Drilling -> posicionamento e angulação diferente ❤️❤️❤️. Conheça o trabalho do nosso Piercer e as jóias disponíveis no estúdio. _________________________ Agende seu horário: 11 3813-7239 contato@gellystattoo.com.br _________________________ Conheça todos os tatuadores da unidade Vila Madalena: @china_tattoo_ | @miles.tattoo | @gabriel_mustache | @leni_felipe | @mayertattooer | @guink.nass | @talisamancio_gellys_tattoo ___________________________ Tatuadores que atendem no período noturno (até 00h) @will.tattoo @ferx_moraes_tattoo __________________________ Piercer: @mateusnolla_gellystattoo Piercer: @iron_gellystattoo _________________________ Acompanhe também as nossas outras unidades:  @gellystattoo_vilaolimpia |@gellystattoo_senior | @gellystattoo_quathro  ______________________ #bodyart #bodypiercing #bodymods #daithpiercing #piercings #piercinglove #piercedgirl #piercingaddict #finejewelry #delicate #modafeminina #modernarts #safepiercing #tattoosandpiercings #tattoostudio #gellystattoo #vilamadalena #tattoo #tattoo2me

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10. A more colorful option:


11. This cute little stud:

Healed conch by me, tragus done elsewhere. Jewelry is a 14 karat genuine rose gold bindi with a white opal and a 3 stone bijoux cluster with white CZ anodized rose gold. All components from @leroifinejewelry ♡ As always, implant grade titanium for your safety, pierced with @isneedles No "surgical steel" mystery metal BS like your local mall shops. . Cleaned and healing with @neilmedpiercingaftercare . Thank you so much for your support and love! ?? . NiteOwl Tattoo Tampa 3675 S West Shore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33629 813-835-1122 Monday – Sunday 12p-9p ? WALK-INS WELCOME ? Like us on Facebook ? Niteowltattoofl Niteowltattoofl.com #NiteOwlTattoo #bodymodification #piercings #pierced #girlswithpiercings #implantgrade #legitpiercinglooks #cartilagepiercing #daithpiercing #legitjewelry #legitpiercing #tampa #southtampa #tampabay #downtowntampa #usf #universityoftampa #stpete #clearwater #largo #seminoleheights #ybor #yborcity #gandy #bayshore #soho #southhoward #dtsp @NeilMedPiercingAftercare @rockstarreadytattoosupplies @isneedles

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12. This rose gold option that is tres chic:


13. This one that looks like two little colored balls magically tucked in your ears:


14. This very cool black and silver earring:


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15. This one that almost looks like an ear cuff for the inside of your ear:


16. This dainty little piercing that keeps it simple:

It may hurt like no tomorrow and may have passed out, but I'm so glad I did it #daithpiercing

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17. This perfect daith and tragus combo:


18. This tiny little bee earring that makes bees look incredibly amazing:


19. This simple gold band that just works:


20. This unique double daith:

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