8 Things You Should Never Do After You Have Sex

When it comes to sex, we’re focused on the actual act. Specifically, we’re focused on getting our positions, angles, and rhythms right, so we can have want-to-scream-out-in-pleasure orgasms. Just a small detail, right? While that may preoccupy a lot of our time, it’s also important to consider what you’re doing post-sexy time.

Bedside manners are a thing for a reason. And nothing can spoil a hot and heavy sex session like poor bed manners. You might have unfortunately had to experience some less-than-nice bedside manners with bae that have left you scratching your head. Unfortunately, it happens.

While no one likes someone being rude to them, you also want to make sure that you’re giving your SO the wrong impression. So, I’ve rounded up some things that are best avoided after any sexy time act. These are eight things you should not do post-sex.

ComplainAbout Everything

Are your arms sore? Did you pull a muscle in your back? Was the sex too short for you? Those things may all be true, but you don't need to start listing all of the things when you're supposed to be basking in your post-sex glow. The only time you should disregard this if you're injured or in pain. Then you definitely need to speak up.

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Reject Any Attempts At Cuddling

Some people are cuddlers while others aren't. If bae is making a move to get close to you, don't abruptly throw him/her off because that will majorly sting. If you don't like cuddling, bring it up when you and your SO aren't in a sexy time situation. That way you can talk about it along with things you both like and dislike about sex. If you just start rejecting cuddles post-sex, bae might think he/she did something wrong during the act and that could lead to a fight.

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Critique Bae

Was the sex not-so-hot? Now isn't the best time to start saying the things that bae needs to work on. Not only will it seriously kill any feel-good emotions, it will probably properly offend bae.

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Sneak Away With No Explanation

We see it in movies all of the time. As soon as one person falls asleep, the other makes a dash for it without even leaving a note to avoid any *awkwardness.* However, the awkwardness actually comes when the other person wakes up the next morning and has no idea what happened to you. If you're going to take off, be upfront about it. You owe the other person that much.

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Leave Abruptly

Just think about how you would feel if someone peaced out the second after you had an orgasm. Exactly. It's fine to leave if you and bae are having a quick session before school, work, or dinner reservations, but it's key that both parties are aware of the situation beforehand. Otherwise it just looks like that you've used someone for sex.

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Bring Up An Ex

Just no. If you're thinking about an ex at a time like this, it's probably wise to end this relationship. However, you should wait to end things until the post-sex brain fog has gone away.

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Make A Major Announcement

Sex can make people do and say a lot of crazy things. You can call it sex brain or whatever you like, but the important thing to remember is that making a big announcement after really good or bad sex isn't the best way to go. You need to chill. If you still feel the same way in a few hours or days, you'll know that your heart and mind are thinking straight, and you're not just going by the feelings down there.

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Get A Little Too Comfortable

There are few things more intimate than putting the P in the V. However, just because you've done that doesn't give you a green card to abandon all manners. People have different boundaries. Some are cool with people picking their chest zits post-sex, others aren't. Similarly, others are cool with farting while spooning, while others definitely aren't. Tread carefully otherwise you could offend bae.

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What do you think is the worst thing to do after sex? Let us know in the comments!

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