16 Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Ideas To Keep You On Track

If you have not already jumped on the bullet journal train… uh, what are you waiting for? These extremely detailed planners/journals are the single best way to stay super organized, track your habits, and keep up with your busy schedule. Aside from their practical side, they are also a lot of fun to create and play with. The best bullet journals come with a healthy dose of creativity that can act as a soothing stress reliever while also making it look really pretty. The best bullet journals are also carefully put together, with specific monthly, weekly, and daily layouts to keep everything in its place.

A monthly layout is a great place to start. Using one or two pages, it’s the perfect spot to keep track of everything you have coming up over the next few weeks. It’s also a great space to create some short-term monthly goals, to track your progress with certain habits, and to put some inspirational content that will leave you feeling motivated. It’s kind of like a landing spot for you to use all month long, so, for me anyway, it’s important for it to look neat and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want to use your monthly page to stay incredibly organized, or you just want it to look good, we’ve got some ideas. Check out these bullet journal monthly layout ideas that will have you buying a notebook and some pens ASAP:

1. Create a large calendar for the month.




If you prefer to organize your month the old-fashioned way, make yourself a little grid calendar like this one. It’s an easy way to schedule events and keep track of what you have going on at a quick glance. You can make it more fun with cute doodles and colors, and if you have room, add a space for monthly goals.


2. Use your monthly page to focus on goals more than anything else.



If you’re trying to feel more accomplished, use your monthly landing spot as a place to track all of your goals. Split them up into categories so everything is neat and easy to spot.


3. Keep it fun with a monthly motto and a mini bucket list.



Creating bucket lists is a fun, but when the goals are huge, it can start to feel more like a wish list than something you’re actually going to try to fulfill. Make mini bucket lists each month with tasks you have a better chance at accomplishing. Keep yourself motivated with a motto, even if it does feel a little corny.


4. Use the space to get creative.



You can make your monthly landing spot helpful, with a space for to-dos and goals, and also creative. Use one of the pages as a spot to paste in quotes you like, or to doodle whenever you’re feeling inspired. Look how awesome it looks in the end!


5. Make sections to track everything that’s important to you.



Go for a more minimalist design to keep track of all of the most important things in the upcoming month. It’s hyper-organized but very practical.


6. Have fun with it!




Your monthly layout can be more fun and creative than anything else. Add a small calendar and some reminders, but make it something you want to look at using photographs and motivational quotes.


7. Use the space to plan your bullet journal ideas.



Bullet journals can be time-consuming to create! Use your monthly layout as a place where you can plan what you want to track and journal out over the next few weeks.


8. Do some untraditional with a goal map like this.



Make your monthly page look unique by creating a map like this one. It’s a fun and aesthetically pleasing way to keep track of your goals.


9. Keep it simple with a no-frills design that will help you stay organized.



Your bullet journal doesn’t need photos, quotes, or doodles to be helpful – if you just want to track everything, try this simple design.


10. Use your monthly page as a habit tracker.



Making a grid like this one makes it so much easier to track the things you need to focus on every day, from drinking water to exercising to posting Instagram photos. A lot of people put habit trackers on daily pages, but putting them all on one page is a better way to look at your progress.


11. Go for a fun layout like this one.



Make the coolest monthly page with a wheel design like this one, then use it to track events, meetings, etc.


12. Put several months on two pages.



If you’re not trying to track a lot, put your months all on two pages. This is more minimalist and takes up a lot less room – and time.


13. Do the coolest thing ever and make your monthly page into a Pacman board.



This is just like… amazing.


14. Use two pages and make one *pretty* and one functional.



Use one page to draw a nice design, and the other to keep track of everything.


15. Use little boxes to track all of the important stuff.




16. Dedicate one page of your monthly layout to your biggest project.



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Which one of these monthly layouts are you going to try? Do you have a bullet journal? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Bullet Journal Page Ideas That Will Make Your Life Better

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    That pacman one is epic! so much creativity with all of them!

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    Wow. So cool. I have recently just started bullet journaling and i love it. Thanks for the great post. Very helpful