16 Unexpected Things You Notice When You Do Butt Stuff

Sex is one of those topics that really gets people talking, but none of the different subjects get as much gab as butt stuff. Whether you’re talking about doing it, not doing, how it feels, the different things you can do back there, or just butt maintenance, the conversations can just keep going on and on.

Another interesting topic of conversation is unexpected things you notice when you’re doing butt stuff. It’s something that may not come up when you’re chatting with your friends as often as things like protection, pain, and cleanliness, but there are probably a few things you’ve noticed back there.

We’ve previously discussed unexpected things you notice when kissing, giving a blowjob, and when receiving oral sex. And I thought no list would be complete without including butt stuff. So, even if you’re not talking with your friends about random things you notice when you’re doing backdoor stuff, you can at least read about them here. Check out 16 unexpected things you notice when doing butt stuff.

1. Those goosebumps on your butt cheeks.

confused gif

Why did I never consider the fact I could get goosebumps back there?


2. That pain in your lower back.

Washing Face Gif

Note to self: Butt stuff involves angling your body in some weird positions.


3. That stain on the carpet.


You can’t be turning around all the time. You have to find some interesting things going on in the front.


4. The fear that you suddenly have to go to bathroom.

new girl gif

But I just went!


5. …And the sudden realization that you have to fart.

kanye west gif

What?! I didn’t even have beans!


6. How your neck just doesn’t go the way you want it to.


If my head could spin like that Exorcist thing, I could get a good idea about what’s going on back there.


7. The way your butt cheeks bounce.

um hello gif

They’re kind of like a pair of boobs.


8. Just how sensitive it is back there.


And here I thought the vag was the only super sensitive spot.


9. The slight differences in bae’s grunts.


Bae is making some sort of grunting melody back there.


10. The ache in your foot.


Charlie horse! Charlie horse!


11. How awkward your legs are.


Where can I put them to get them out of bae’s way?


12. The way your one knee is digging into the carpet.


Need to shift my weight.


13. The color of the walls, the folds of the curtains, the crack in the door.


Why am I noticing the minutiae of the room at a time like this?!


14. That squeaky floorboard.


I swear that thing does not squeak during any other sexy time activity.


15. How cold your boobs are.

boobs gif

Warm in the back, freezing in the front.


16. How tense your arm muscles are.


My arms could give out at any second. Need to chill.


What random things have you noticed while doing butt stuff? Let us know in the comments!

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15 Unexpected Things You Notice When Giving A Blowjob

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