15 Wall Decorations You Need To Put In Your Dorm Room

When (and if, I guess) you think about college dorm decorations, chances are good that you tend to do so on the macro level. You know, like, your bedspread. Wall tapestries. String lights, obviously. Basically, you’ll think of the bigger, flashier room items that are not essentials, exactly, but certainly are present enough on any good college dorm-themed Pinterest board or Tumblr page to make them seem that way.

One thing you might not think too much about are the smaller–but equally important, if not even more so–components that you don’t think much about when they’re there, but definitely notice their absence when they’re gone. Like a rug, or a place to put your shoes, or a lamp to use instead of your dorm’s harsh fluorescent lighting. Another thing? Wall decorations. Not so much posters, per se–I assume you have a few of those in mind already–but signs that you put up on your wall or on your door to actually make your dorm life a little easier. So, check out these cool signs to put in your dorm room that might just make your life a little easier:

1. Put this on your door if you know you have a lot of people stopping by:


2. This is another good location-based sign!
dorm-sign Source


3. If you attach old dresser drawers to the wall, you can stick pictures and miscellaneous knick-knacks in there to add depth and save some space:


4. If you’re into plants, you can put a wood lattice on the wall to hang them on:


5. Another way to keep flowers around without having to use up desk space is to stick them on the wall using these paper sconces:




6. Need to stay constantly reminded of your goals in order to make sure that you actually, you know, do them? Make a goal list like this!


7. Another good way to stay on track with your responsibilities is to write out everything you have to do on a dry erase board–this way, you’ll see it a lot, so you won’t forget about things as much:


8. You can also make a dry erase calendar if you like to think ahead a little more:


9. Need quarters for laundry? Put a jar on your wall and put your spare change in it. This way, you won’t have to scrounge (as much) for your laundry funds:


10. Or, you can really go for the laundry (and Harry Potter) theme with this full-on socks-and-spare change wall:


11. Got some Polaroids? Instead of just sticking them on the wall, get an empty frame and stick ’em in there–this makes it look a little more organized, even if it isn’t totally filled in:

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset



12. You can also hang up some string in an old picture frame and use a clothespin to hang up pictures or postcards:


13. Feeling wanderlust-y? Get a chalkboard sheet and draw (or, you know, trace) the world map and mark off the places you’ve been:




14. You don’t need to put such a, um, specific sign here (though, chances are, you don’t have a doorbell, so you might as well) but a dry erase board on the door is pretty useful:




15.  If you’re into vintage stuff, you should look into getting some varsity signs like these. Plus, this is probably good advice for everyone, I think:



Are you in college? Do you have any tips for decorating your dorm room? Let us know in the comments!

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